Genogram Sizes

Genogram size is among the fundamental details needed to create a good-quality genogram. Genograms are visual presentations of a family relationship, interaction, behavioral pattern, medical history, and other important genetic and social factors; hence, presenting them in their proper size is essential for proper interpretation and understanding. genogram-sizes

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Genogram Sizes Standard

Like any other document in the world, genograms also follow a standard size for uniformity and efficiency. These standard sizes allow users to instantly create one without a buzz and regardless of the platform used.

Letter  (8.5” x 11”)

The most common paper size in the US and some neighboring countries is Letter which measures 8.5 inches wide by 11 inches high. The Letter size is used for documents, such as letters, agreements, and contracts. This dimension is also a common canvas paper size for graphics or visual representations, such as charts and diagrams. Genogram, like any other, uses the Letter size as its standard measurement.

A4 (8.3” x 11.7”)

Almost the same as the Letter size but stands a tad bit taller and slimmer is the A4 size which measures 8.3 inches wide by 11.7 inches high. The A4 size is the usual paper size used in offices and schools all over the world. This paper size is perfect for genograms as the extra inches in width and height can come in handy, especially when dealing with various generations of a family.

Genogram Sizes for Print

Without a doubt, digital is the future of the world, however, some things are really meant to stay, case in point is print. Documents and graphics when printed instantly become better. Genograms can be printed on various paper sizes, all of which can be either of the standard sizes of Letter or A4 or large sizes of a poster at 24 inches by 36 inches.


Genogram Sizes for MS Word

The default size of MS Word is Letter at 8.5 inches x 11 inches. This size works for Genograms and other charts or diagrams, but if you wish to print the diagram using MS Word you have to double-check the page layout and scale it properly to ensure a caliber genogram. MS Word offers different design elements that may be useful in creating the genogram and its symbols, and they are also equipped with ready-made charts and diagrams that you can use.


Genogram Sizes for Apple Pages

Apple Pages is a word-processing document for Apple users. Like MS Word, the default paper size of Apple Pages is US Letter at 8.5 inches by 11 inches. Apple pages also offer other sizes for your genograms, such as US Letter, US Legal, Executive, 8.5″x13″, A4, A5, and more sizes on the list. Genograms may use the default page size of Apple Pages for ease and efficiency.


Genogram Sizes for Google Docs

Google Docs is the counterpart of MS Word and Apple Pages in Google. This word-processing software also has Letter as its default size. This is an efficient platform to make your genograms because it allows collaboration between two or more people simultaneously creating on one page. For genograms, the default size of Letter is enough to cater to more or less 1-4 generations, but other sizing options can also be used.



How to add text to genogram shapes?

Adding text in genogram shapes vary from one software to another, but generally, adding a text box in the shape will allow you to add content inside the shapes.

What do the lines on a genogram mean?

Every line and shape on a genogram mean something, the lines refer to the relationship of one family member to another, such as complete straight lines means harmony/normal, dotted lines mean apathetic/distant, zigzag means violence/abuse, straight lines with two slashes in the center means divorce, etc.

How to create a genogram diagram?

The first things that you have to do are to decide the size of the genogram, decide the purpose and generation you are looking into, gather all information, choose a genogram maker or generator or online software, then fill in all information, and download for a copy.

What information is on a genogram?

A genogram contains information about a family relationship, interaction, behavioral patterns, medical conditions, and other factors of a family’s well-being.

What are patterns in a genogram?

Patterns in the genogram mean the relationship and the difference or similarities of something.

Where do you put age in genogram?

Age can be placed at the top of the gender symbols.

How do you label a genogram?

Labeling a genogram varies on the representation of the shapes and sizes, but extra information can be placed at the top, bottom, or sides of the gender symbols.

What are the components of a genogram?

The essential components of a genogram are gender symbols, lines, relationship, lineage, profile, age, name, date of death (if necessary), medical history, occupation, and other significant events or information.

What is the symbol of distant relationships in a genogram?

A distant relationship is represented as dotted or dashed lines.

What is the role of legend on a genogram?

A legend on a genogram guides the viewers in reading and interpreting the diagram.

How to change the size of genogram?

There are different ways to change the size of the genogram depending on the word-processing document or design software you are using, but the common way is to simply adjust the dimension of the chart or choose a paper size that works best for you.

What can you learn from a genogram?

You can learn about your family’s relationship with one another, interactions, behavior, traits, genetics, medical history, and the past of your family that might affect your present and future.

What are genogram map relationship?

Genogram map relationships display all necessary information that can be missed out in a traditional family tree or simple pedigree chart.

How to print genogram on one page?

To print a genogram on one page, simply adjust the margins to fit the standard print size of your printer and ensure that the print setup menu is on 1.

What is an index person in genogram?

An index person is one who wishes to create his or her own genogram.

Where is genogram used?

A genogram is used in different courses and modules in Science, aid in therapy, study cases, understanding a culture, research and analysis of a family, and a lot more special reasons.

What is the difference between a family tree and a genogram?

A family tree shows the links in the family, while a genogram is a comprehensive version of a family tree containing interactions, medical history, behavioral patterns, occupations, and many more.