What is an Action Plan?

An action plan is a series of written tasks or schedules made to achieve a goal. It contains the things you need to do in order to complete your planned goal. It has a detailed step-by-step commands and time durations on when or how you will accomplish your plan. It will be beneficial to a person since it will allow them to foresee how they will achieve their desired goals in life. An action plan sometimes considered a business plan since they have the same target, achieving a goal. It also has different types like smart, corrective, emergency, project, and incident action plans.

How to Write an Action Plan

how to write an action plan

Making a well-described action plan is needed so that following the schedules and tasks on each day will be easy for you. You need to divide the command properly so that activities will not overlap to one activity to another. Setting this kind of action plan will enable you to have a good flow of events in your everyday schedules. There are steps below for you to follow in making your well-planned sample plan.

1. Set a Goal

If you haven't set your goal yet, then how will you be able to start your action plan? You need to be more clear on what you want to achieve so that you can already plan on what tasks you need to take to successfully reach your goal. The less clear your goal, the less effective your plan will be. A successful basic business plan will give a solid time schedule and will set proper steps for an individual to reach their goals.

2. Plan Something Realistic

Do not plan on something that is beyond imaginable for us as individuals. Plan tasks that are realistic and are possible to achieve. Not only the tasks need to be realistic, so as your goal. Set goals that are achievable by your execution plan. Do not dream beyond your imagination.

3. Split the Big and Small Task

The division of labor does not only apply to a team. It can also be applied in your simple plan. Divide the small and big task so that it will be easy for you to decide on what to prioritize first. Make sure that the things that are difficult and need time to do will be categorized as a big task while the things that are easy to achieve will be on the small task.

4. Make a Schedule

After you have categorized all your required tasks, assign it with a corresponding time schedule. The big tasks should be given a lot of time since it takes time to achieve while the small tasks will be given just enough time for it to be accomplished.

5. Add Details

To understand the things you need to do, add some descriptive details on how you will be able to achieve a certain task. Write details that will be helpful for you so that it will be a lot easier on achieving.

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