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How to Create a Timeline Chart in Microsoft Word

A timeline chart is a graphic presentation that aims to show a sequence of events that already happened or events that are still about to happen. It is an effective way of showing a certain process in a chronological manner. It mainly displays some important points at a specific time. A timeline chart is often used for project management, historical timeline, or even schedule. It functions as a sort of calendar of events for daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly.

A timeline chart is not a difficult task to do as long as you are fully aware of the time management and dates. You can create a timeline chart in any software application like Microsoft Word. To help you create a timeline chart, here are the following tips to guide you.

1. Determine Your Main Purpose

Timeline charts vary in different uses such as project management or chronology. In every task you are going to make, you need to determine your main purpose first. In making a timeline chart, ask yourself with these questions: Are you making a timeline chart to trace your project’s progress? Or are you aiming a specific time and date for your designated task? Whatever your purpose is, it must motivate you in establishing a simple chart.

2. Make a Draft

Before making a final version, make a draft for you to easily make some changes for your timeline chart. A draft will allow you to compose your tasks freely. You can also make some sample timeline charts and make some modifications easily without disrupting your whole process. Your draft will be your basis for the content of your timeline chart.

3. Choose a Timeline Chart Template for Word

Choose a timeline chart template that is compatible with Microsoft Word. There are a lot of blank templates online and feel free to choose one that best relates to your project. The templates come with free special features that contain fonts, graphic images, layouts, and backgrounds. Timeline charts may vary into many types, make sure to choose the specific timeline chart that is easy for you to present your data.

4. Modify the Template

If you finally found an editable template for you, open your Microsoft Word application to modify the necessary revisions. You can amend the required design elements that you want to incorporate for your timeline chart. Specify your data with different colors and graphs. Lastly, add the data that you have made from your draft earlier.

5. Proofread and Print

For the last step, if you are able to establish your basic timeline chart, do not forget to proofread before printing. Proofreading will help you revise if you spotted some errors from your timeline chart. If everything is already set, you can finally print your timeline chart. If you simply want a softcopy, you can save it directly to your computer.

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