How to Make an Event Brochure in Adobe Illustrator

An event, no matter how grand it is, will always be a failure if it is not well-planned. That is why event planning is a must to do. According to an article from, event planning covers a wide scale of preproduction and marketing. A business or a party event will not be filled with audiences if organizers have zero marketing strategy. So, to highlight your upcoming event, you might as well make use of brochures. Using print advertising material such as brochures are important in marketing, especially for organizations that are on a tight budget. Organizers do not have to spend much since brochures are one of the low-cost materials in promotions.

So, if your way of showcasing your event is through brochures, we have some guides that you can follow to make an eye-catching event brochure. Check them out below!

1. Plan out your Brochure

Whether you are having a business event or a party, any well-planned marketing brochure will no doubt help your event to succeed. That is why before you begin crafting your event brochure, you have to plan it first. Planning is necessary because this is where you will get a flow idea of the event. After preparation, everything follows—the design, background, layout, and content to include in your brochure.

2. Create the Design and Layout

Once planning is done, the next thing you need to do is to create a draft layout and decide on the design to use. Just like any other print marketing material, your advertising brochure should be attractive to catch the attention of your audience effectively. So, you have to be creative and artistic in designing your editable brochure template.

3. Prepare Content and Headline

Aside from having an enticing design, your professional brochure should have a catchy headline and informative details. In writing your headline, do not just state the title of the event. Instead, it has to give your audience a hint of why they should come to your event. Meanwhile, for your content, elaborate more on the benefits of the event. Nevertheless, your text must mirror the type of event you will have.

4. Utilize a Brochure Template

After preparing the content and creating a draft of designs and layouts, it is time for you to make your event brochure. If you want the process to be less hassle, you can always use a ready-made brochure template from our extensive collection of event brochure templates. Using a sample brochure will not give you more work. All you have to do is to edit out some details and replace them with yours. Simply choose the perfect brochure template that will showcase your event correctly.

5. Customize using a Software

If you already have a ready-made brochure template, the next thing you need to do is to personalize it using Adobe Illustrator. This vector graphics editor enables you to incorporate your own design and layout conveniently through its easy-to-use editing features. This application also has typesetting features so you can add your content and headline freely. You can open AI in any device so you can customize your brochure template anytime and anywhere.

6. Proofread and Print

Before you proceed to print, you have to proofread your bifold or trifold brochure first. In this way, you will be able to identify mistakes in both content and layout. Once you are satisfied with the readability of your brochure, you can already have it printed. Then, you may distribute them to crowded places to ensure you will reach a broad audience.