Sometimes, store-bought greeting cards don’t have the unique factor that you’re looking for. To help you easily create an aesthetically pleasing greeting card, we offer you Christmas Greeting Card Templates that you can download for free. We have created these templates to provide you with everything that you need. We have Retro Style Christmas Card Template, Chalkboard Merry Christmas Greeting Card Template, and many more! We offer 100% customizable, printable, high quality, professional, quick, saves time, and beautifully designed templates. Available in formats such as DOCX, APPLE PAGES (MAC), PSD & PUB. Be merry and download your Christmas greeting cards with us!

What Is a Christmas Greeting Card?

A Christmas greeting card is a type of greeting card that is given away during the Christmas season. Frequent recipients include family members, friends, and colleagues. They vary in design and are printed on card stock and enclosed in an envelope. Over time, different versions of greeting cards have been produced. Some of these are pop-up greeting cards, musical greeting cards, e-cards, and traditional ones (handmade). No matter what type of card you are giving away, it's the essence that counts.

Hallmark, the leading greeting card producer, has over 100,000 stores worldwide. Over 100 countries sell Hallmark greeting cards (with 30 available foreign languages). And it also owns Crayola, the top producer of crayons.

How to Create a Christmas Greeting Card?

Your greeting cards should convey certain feelings for the receiver. Personalization of your greeting card is one way to do so. Below, we will provide you tips on how to craft your greeting card with an added personal touch.

1. Decide on Your Preferred Card Size

Before proceeding with the actual card-making, decide on your card size first. The standard sizes for greeting cards are 4x6 or 5x7 card stock. Or, if you prefer another card size, then much better. Just make sure it has a corresponding envelope size.

2. Make Use of Christmas Greeting Card Templates

If you want things the easy way, then make use of Christmas Greeting Card Templates which we have here at for free. Our templates have original artworks and fonts which you can revamp for a personalized touch. If you plan on giving a lengthy message, choose a model that has ample space.

3. Design, Design, Design

Just like the previous number has stated, our artworks are entirely editable. If you do not approve of what's provided, then you have the liberty to change it any way you want. Your design should be creative that it mirrors the Yuletide Season. Your card can include an illustration of Santa Claus, a Christmas tree, and the family and kids.

4. Include Your Heartwarming Message

This season of giving, express your sentiments through a heartwarming message. It is entirely up to you if you prefer to give a lengthy or short message. Just make sure your chosen template can accommodate it. Edit the font size for it to fit the model (your font color and design should complement each other, too).

5. Review Your Greeting Card

After providing your message, review your card--from the layout, colors, down to your message. See if there are things that need editing--especially spelling and grammar-related. You don't want to dwindle the quality of your card with some minimal overlooked errors. You may ask a friend to review your card for you.

6. Print and Use

Once everything has been clinched, print, and use your template. Print a partial copy of your card to see if there are any overlooked errors. Once you're satisfied with the result, use your template and don't forget to enclose it in an envelope to make it even more presentable.

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