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  • What is Human Resources?

      Human Resources is the professional management of work-employee related matters, particularly in making sure the workforce and work environment is streamlined.

  • What are Human Resources?

      The fundamental functions of Human Resources in the workplace is ensuring:

      1.Recruiting and Staffing

      2.Growth and Development

      3.Compensation and Incentives Packages

      4.Safe and Conducive Workplace Environment

      5. Labor Law Compliance

  • What are the skills required when working in Human Resources management?

      Essentially, the following skills are required when working in Human Resources management:

      1. Organizational Skills

      2. Budgeting Skills

      3. Communication Skills

      4. Problem-solving Skills

      5. Developmental Skills

  • Is an HR job stressful?

      Working in an HR department can be stressful. There can be numerous files to run through. It can be hectic at times, as these may be piled up over time.

  • What is a KPI?

      KPI, or Key Performance Indicator, is a metric dashboard tool used by management to see and assess the productivity or contribution of its employees.