Statistics will tell us that, on average, a job offer attracts 250 resumes. Businesses need people to start with, but they don't need that many for a position. Only the best and right candidate among those two hundred and fifty applicants should be selected. How will your company's HR Recruitment efficiently go through this mountain of applications? Two hundred or more applications, we can help you with that! Analyze hiring needs, advertise positions, screen applicants, and finalize job offers with our HR Recruitment templates! These recruitment templates are prepared for you in the file format of your convenience. Make the right pick now!

How to Make HR Recruitment Templates?

Before the day of any recruitment staff starts, there are essential documents that are needed to create a smooth recruitment process flow. Prepare for recruitment today with the steps below.

1. Graph the Recruitment Process

Create the roadmap of the recruitment system your company practices. The map will help you have an organized start. Consider the order of the recruitment steps as their priority number. This will determine which recruitment document you should prepare first.

2. Identify the Necessary Documents

Know what documents need to be ready in every step of the recruitment process. Enumerate the names of these documents under their respective recruitment step on the roadmap. Write them in a checklist format so it may serve as your guide of the recruitment templates you need to complete.

3. Indicate the Requisite Information

Write the type of information you need to gather to complete a recruitment list, dashboard, contract, agreement, etc. Are they the names of the job applicants who did and did not pass the assessment exam? You can use ‘passed exam’ and ‘failed exam’ as distinguishing labels for the list of job applicants.

4. Organize the Information

Arrange the details you indicated earlier then organize them to make the recruitment template you are to prepare. Put them in tables or incorporate them on the document’s sections or titles then add supporting details to complete it. Keep a copy of the template and readily edit and use it during recruitment.

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