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How to Create an HR Report?

HR reports are documents that the HR department uses to notify something to the CEO or executives of a company. By using these documents, the HR personnel makes sure that the company is able to sustain its professionalism and excellence.

Human resources handle a lot of documents. Aside from the monthly timekeeping, HR staff also deal with the salary, recruitment, termination, and many more. However, quality is still necessary for this field. To ensure quality in your reports, steps are provided below to help the HR department in your company.

1. Draft the Introduction

Every document needs to start with an introduction, reports included. The intro sets the tone of the entire document as well as expectations on what the topic is about. The introduction of your HR report should be short but informative. This will also give the reader ideas on the entirety of the report.

2. Supporting Ideas

After setting up the intro, you will need to provide information to support the main idea. These come in various forms, including screenshots or actual printed formal documents. This way, you'll have something to use as evidence for the data that you've written in your report. You can choose to add as many crucial details before delivering the actual information.

3. Incident and Aftermath

The reason for creating this report is to provide information about something. If you are writing about an incident, be sure to indicate the employee's name, type of incident, outcome or aftermath, names of witnesses, and resolutions made. It's important to go into details, but try to make it concise. If you want, you may even narrate the occurrences that led to the incident.

4. Add Supporting Plans

After your detailed description of what happened, you can start adding supporting plans to the table. If an incident occurred wherein the office lost power, for example, you can mention that your company is requesting a power generator to supply the office's electricity until the main source is fixed.

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