Aside from simply adding more people to a company's workforce, another goal of the human resources department is to retain its employees. One good way of doing that is by keeping the employees informed and updated about the company and what direction it's heading. These things and more can be done if the HR staff publishes newsletters and distributes them to the employees. To save you time, go through our wide array of HR Newsletter Templates that are fully accessible and easily editable in various file formats. If you want your employees to stay, feed them with the information they deserve. Download a template now!

How to Make an HR Newsletter?

One of the roles of the human resources department of every company is to circulate information within the organization. There are many ways to disseminate these updates and news, and one of them is by publishing newsletters. Before you start making one, we suggest that you read our list of guidelines below.

1. Attract Readership with the Newsletter Topic

Unlike newspapers, newsletters only focus on a specific subject in its entirety. Think of it as giving your best in one shot. With newsletters, your goal is to have your recipients read your newsletter from start to finish by presenting issues, subjects, or topics that are at the peak of their interest.

2. Make a Brief but Meaty Article

Less is more, simplicity at its finest, we've heard it before but in different versions. Even in creative newsletters, it's important to use simple words to make the content easier to understand. But don't just settle with a short article, make sure that the content itself is informative and engaging. At the end of it all, you want the reader to gain knowledge about something.

3. Engage with the Readers

When readers go through something that doesn't excite them, their typical response to it would be "Okay, and then what?" As mentioned earlier, your modern newsletter should be engaging to the readers. To do this, incorporate activities that the company employees can participate in. This will help your employees look forward and be excited about the next newsletter.

4. Incorporate Illustrations

Aside from the activities, another way to make your newsletter engaging is by adding images. A section in a newsletter's layout is specifically intended for these. Most of the time, the presence of pictures is what captures the attention of the readers right away, especially in email newsletters.

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