The HR Department has a lot of duties, like managing the employees, organizing recruitment, and more. With all these tasks and projects on hand, it's easy to lose track of them. But that shouldn't be the case for you because we have a stack of ready-made HR Gantt Chart Templates. These templates are easy to edit and use. They already have content that you can replace or use. These are also professionally made. So, what are you waiting for? Download a chart template today! Aside from that, subscribe to our subscription plans to check out more templates.

How to Create an HR Gantt Chart?

An HR Gantt chart is an organizer and tracker that the HR department uses to check the progress of their tasks and projects.

The human resource department performs an important job in managing each employee in the company. It also recruits employees and retains them to stay in the company, although according to Allegis Group, 88% of employers find this challenging. In addition, aside from these tasks, HR also performs other duties. But if you're part of the department, don't worry because using a Gantt chart is going to make you easier. So, now you can start creating one by following the tips below.

1. Specify Your Goal

Firstly, before starting your HR department Gantt chart, you need to identify your objective first. As you can see, there are different tasks and projects in your department, and it's vital to be specific about it. So, look into your goal and ask if you have to make an HR employee engagement activities Gantt chart, a staff payroll management Gantt chart, or a human resource planning Gantt chart, project Gantt chart?

2. Check Your Resources

Using different resources is essential in any HR task or presentation. You cannot continue with your task without using any resources. Even more, you also have to check if your resources are enough for the scope of your project to achieve what you need.

3. Divide the Tasks into Smaller Sections

In the event of creating your HR management Gantt chart, it's essential to keep every task achievable. However, it would be hard to do this if you don't break them into smaller pieces. So split them into smaller ones, and after that, it would be quicker for you to manage and achieve each.

4. Organize the Schedule

One of the functions of a project Gantt chart is to organize your tasks together with their specific duration. To do this, collect the tasks that you divided on the previous step. Then, decide a schedule on when you should finish them.

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