HR Flowcharts

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How to Create an HR Flowchart?

An HR Flowchart is one of the useful tools for every Human Resource Management or HR. This type of flowchart renders the human resource management process in any organization step-by-step. HR flowchart displays the flow of all HR processes, defines and standardizes the list of necessary documents required to carry out all HR procedures, including the job application process. Typically details of a company's entire HR processes require an extensive range of graphic documents.

Human resources are those people who make up an agency or company's employee workforce. Managing human resources has four core functions: staffing, motivation, training plan, and maintenance. And did you know that despite its huge responsibility, many people are still after the HR managerial position? According to the data gathered by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics or BLS, employment opportunities for HR managers are expected to grow by 9 percent–or 10,800 jobs–faster than the national average between 2014 and 2024. Let us assume you're one of many people interested in applying as one. Ask yourself if you know how to create an HR flowchart, for this is very much needed to represent different processes and workflows in the HR department. But if you have no idea how to make one, we could always teach you how to do it through our step-by-step guidelines below. Here's how:

1. Create a Draft

Always keep in mind that flowcharts are complex in nature. That's why before you make one, you need to compose your thoughts first by making an initial draft. In your draft, you may choose what specific flowchart symbol you're going to use. Use a rounded box if you want to include an event that will take place instantly, such as the workflow employment process. Meanwhile, use the diamond symbol to represent a point of decision in a given process, and lastly, use a circle if you wish to connect one process to another, such as the succession planning process.

2. Indicate the Steps Correctly

Even if you use symbols in your HR flowchart, your readers cannot understand it fully if there are no indicators. Which means you need to make use of arrows to connect an idea to one another. Remember that an HR department has a lot of processes, such as the performance review process, internal recruitment process, production process, and more. So make sure with the help of arrows, you relate your ideas properly.

3. Use our Reliable Template

If you wish to minimize your workload, we recommend you use our ready-made and reliable flowchart templates. Downloading our chart templates will undoubtedly save you from the hassle because all you need to do is incorporate the data you've gathered into your draft, and you're done. Take a look at our professionally-designed  HR templates above and choose the one that matches your needs or preferences.

4. Add the Designs

If you want to make your flowchart more appealing or engaging to your audience, we suggest that you add some design elements to capture your readers' attention. Customize the template which you have downloaded earlier and add the design you wish to include. But always remember that data flowcharts are professional documents. Make sure not to use too complicated designs to make it easier for your readers to read.