What is a HR Proposal?

A HR or human resource proposal is a document that introduces solutions to a problem in this department. These types of proposals are also useful in hiring a new employee in the company.

How to Write a HR Proposal?

Human resources proposals can come in many forms. It can be a proposal about a new business system, payroll, or about a business deal. If you need to make a HR proposal, read our tips below.

1. Write an Intro

Write an excellent introduction to your proposal. Introduce your company, what it does, and the importance of the human resource department. You can give a short overview of the business in just a page of the introduction.

2. Summarize the Problems

Sum up the problems of the company in short sentences. You don't have to dig deep as long as you have a list of the problems that need to be addressed.

3. Provide Solutions

Give an outline of solutions to address the problems. Write these in short sentences. You can also include a pricing quotation if it involves a lot of expenses. Be transparent in giving the solutions and pricing quote if there is any.

4. Give Agreement Terms

Provide the list of agreement terms after presenting the solutions. All agreements in this proposal should be reasonable enough for both parties and the business. Make sure that all the agreements are enforceable by law.

5. State Acceptance Terms

Give a definite number of days for the other party to accept the proposal. State the terms that will take place once the proposal document is accepted.

6. Review the Document

Always make sure to polish your document and fix glaring spelling and grammar errors. Leave spaces for signatures as well. Don't forget to put the logo and essential information of your company on the first page of the proposal.

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