HR Employee Engagement Templates

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How to Create HR Employee Engagement Templates

Employee engagement is not a nice-to-have aspect of the business; it is a key that ensures success. According to Gallup, companies that have high engagement levels see a 21% higher profitability. Therefore, an engaged team delivers higher productivity, better staff retention, and improved health outcomes. 

To ensure you do the same in your company, we have some tips and tricks that you can refer to when creating HR Employee Engagement Templates.

1. Set Objectives 

What do you want to know from your staff? Knowing the answer to the question will help you identify the items or prompts to include in your assessment

2. Determine What Assessment to Conduct

You should determine what type of assessments you need to conduct that will help you achieve your objectives. It is best to conduct consistent evaluations, such as employee satisfaction surveys and drivers' analysis. The data gathered in such assessments will aid in the recalibration of strategies and processes. 

3. Choose the Tools and Methods

Now that you know what type of assessment to conduct, you should choose what tool or method to use. One of the most commonly used ways is a pulse survey. Although it is a short and quick survey, it can help gather data accurately when done right. 

4. Conduct a Test Run

Test your assessment tool with a small group first before launching it to the entire workplace. You can have other HR staff to answer the survey first to determine if it gathers the data that you need. 


  • How can HR increase employee engagement?

      HR can increase employee engagement through regular communication, sincere interest in feeding and acting on it, invest in wellbeing nurturing activities, and recognizing good work.

  • Does have editable HR Employee Engagement Templates?

      Yes, the website has professionally made, editable, and printable HR Employee engagement templates. Currently, the site has five (5) available templates.

  • What does HR do regarding employee engagement?

      All plans and strategies relating to the employees are under the management of HR. HR is responsible for developing employee engagement strategies and its implementation.

  • What are employee engagement drivers?

      According to Emplify, these are some of the employee engagement drivers: autonomy, capacity, coworker relationships, fairness, feedback, goal support, leader availability, and leader integrity.

  • What are the benefits of employee engagement?

      As mentioned, there is a cause and effect relationship between employee engagement and satisfaction. An engaged employee has high satisfaction with the company and his/her job. Increased employee engagement means higher retention and lower turnover, higher productivity, increase profitability, a decrease in absenteeism, and an increase in employee loyalty.