It’s important for any business or organization to be mindful of how it manages its workforce and the resources allocated to that. With this in mind, it’s a good idea for a company to seek out the services of a human resources consultancy. If you run your own HR agency, then we can help make a good impression on your clients with our professional Ready-Made HR Letterhead Templates! Each of these samples is easily editable in both A4 and US sizes, 100% customizable, and fully compatible with a variety of editing software. Download now and compose a printable letterhead design for your firm!

How to Create an HR Letterhead?

When it comes to running a company or organization, it’s good practice to recognize the importance of every employee and learn how to better oversee them. But, sometimes, a bit of help is needed to achieve this--this is where an HR consulting firm comes into play! Often, an enterprise will already have its own in-house HR department, but other times are different.

In the industry of business and commerce, effective management over one’s workforce is crucial. According to a page from, HR consulting professions provide businesses with strategies and solutions focused on better handling their employees. It’s safe to say that the service is highly sought after and imperative to a company’s efficiency.

So, as part of your HR agency’s ability to impress clients, a bit of pizazz wouldn’t hurt. That’s why we have our Ready-Made HR Letterhead Templates for you to download and implement in your own firm! Your paperwork will benefit in style with these samples, which you can easily customize to fit your brand. And, if you need a slight push in the right direction, then simply read through our tips (below) to start editing right away!

1. Pick a Matching Letterhead Style for Your Brand

As simple of a concept as letterheads are, there’s still a fair bit of variation that comes with designing them. And so, we’ve composed a diverse set of letterhead templates to provide users with a variety in choice! From border designs to information layout, you’ll have enough to work with when creating something unique for your agency.

Once you’ve decided on a template and are gonna download it, remember to choose a location in your computer/device’s storage that’s easy to access, so that you won’t have trouble finding it later. It’s also a good idea to rename it for remembering’s sake.

2. Decide on Your Preferred Editing Software

There’s no need to worry about having the right application to work on our templates, since we provide our products in a variety of different file formats to accommodate any editing program you might go for!

After downloading your chosen document, the next step is to fit it to your agency. Every bit of the template is customizable, so go ahead and work on the colors, text, logo, and whatever else you can think of! Also, before finalizing your changes, always doublecheck your work and make the necessary corrections first.

3. Try Other Tools for Your Benefit

Your letterhead won’t be much use if you don’t have any clients or other parties to send letters/documents to. So, think about composing brochures to hand out and advertise your firm with!

Do you have too many tasks and such for your head to keep up with? If that’s the case, then it’s a good idea to incorporate a planner that you can update and refer to when needed.

4. Ready to Show Off

With your custom letterhead now all set up, it’s finally ready to implement into your paperwork. Remember to update it whenever there are future changes to your agency’s contact information, brand logo, etc. Add a dash of professional flair to your consultancy firm with our handy HR templates!

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