HR Name Tag Templates

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Under the Human Resource department, duties may complicate and complex to each other. Especially when the number of employees is high, an immediate acknowledgment of individuality is vitally beneficial for an instant, clear communication. For that purpose, grab now our Ready-Made HR Name Tag Templates! With these, you do not have to invest much of your time creating an effective one since all are pre-existed with relevant elements by in-house professionals, following the industry guidelines for HR use.  For your company's uniqueness, we made it all easily editable in PSD, Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Apple (Mac) Pages, and Illustrator. Establish an effective way of prompt HR employee recognition by downloading and utilizing these now!

How to Make an HR Name Tag?

HR or Human Resource name tags are used to indicate the name of the respective employees and job roles, specifically under the Human Resource Department. With this HR name tags worn, interactivity among the employees, and to possible visitors, become more efficient and friendly. Also, wearing of HR name tags is another way to promote the employee identity not only to the HR department but to the whole management. 

It may seem simple to do, but when done mistakenly, even just with a tiny bit, it could promptly lessen the value of the HR name tag. If you are on your way to make and provide name tags for your Human Resource department employees, follow these fundamental tips below to accomplish efficiently and effectively.

1. Size Appropriately 

If your sample HR name tag is not clearly visible, it loses its function. Thus, make sure that you set your HR name tag size appropriately that it's legible even from afar, at least within few meters in the distance. From its dimension, then to its textual elements, such as the name, job title, and other specifics. Preferably, always prioritize the name of the bearer in emphasizing it in the HR name tag than the rest of the details.

2. Design with the Brand

Your HR name tag should be as loud as much as possible despite being just an accessory to the bearer. You can make it that way by having it designed accordingly, keeping it away from a dull and bland appeal. In doing so, make sure that its design is aligned with your unique company branding. Co-align the color scheme, graphical elements, typographies, and others. Ensure that these elements are of high-resolution quality. Nevertheless, make sure that these elements do not clash with each other, wherein its main function is compromised.

3. Spell Correctly

The Human Resource name tag is used primarily to introduce the name of the HR employee even before he or she speaks. Through that, there is an initial representation of the identity of a particular employee. It goes the same way through the use of IDs or Identification Cards, but just as quicker than the latter due to the standard ID's dimension. With that being said, a misspelled name is highly unacceptable, even it remains to suggest the same pronunciation. Not only with the name but all throughout the HR name tag's textual elements such as the company name, his or her job title, and others. 

4. Do Not Overdo

Your HR name tags need to be polished with the utmost clarity. These name tags should deliver its purpose with no difficulties at all. After your drafting, review your work and declutter when it is too compiled with unnecessary elements. You do not have to occupy all the blank spaces within your canvas for such. Apparently, the lesser, the better. Negative or empty spaces are even more useful to have it seen on your HR name tag as it significantly makes your HR name tag clean and sleek.