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How to Create a Lease Letter in Microsoft Word

A lease letter contains a request for leasing a particular property for particular purposes. And with the help of the lease agreement, it will be possible to settle the rental concerns between the landlord and the tenant. According to the published article of the website Justia, lease agreement usually contains the terms and conventions of the tenancy. This agreement includes the length of leasing, condition of the property, pet issues, and such. With the permission of both sides, creating this agreement will secure and promote equality of rights.

Before making a deal with the landlord or tenants, it will be better to make use of the lease letter first. Through this, you can address your landlord or tenant your particular request for the property. So if you’re planning to make one, then you may refer to our proposed guides below.

1. Include the Primary Details

In writing this particular letter, including important information is necessary. With this essential information, it will establish credibility in your letter. You may start tailoring the header of your letter. For your header, write your name as the tenant and your address. Also, write the date, your name, and the address of the property.

2. Don't Hit Around the Bush

After writing your header, you may now proceed in tailoring your request for the owner of the property. Keep in mind to make it understandable and straight to the point for your receiver. For instance, you want to have a renewal of your lease on a particular property. Perhaps you may include there your years of leasing, and your desire to renew your rental agreement in that property.

3. Attach Contacts

Another thing to remember in writing a lease letter is your contact. For instance, you want to lease a specified commercial property for your dream business branch. Of course, you want to have feedback about the property that you are interested in. With the help of putting contacts in your letter, it will be possible for your recipients to reach you for other concerns. Perhaps, you may include your email address, phone number, or anything that will be possible for the landlord to contact you for other matters.

4. Incorporate Formal Tone

Considering that it is a formal letter, you should practice formality in writing it. Always make your tone formal and polite for your recipients. As for the appearance of your letter, it is advisable to make it simple and neat. For instance, you want to give notice to your tenant about the expiration of his lease on your property. Though you’re the owner of the property, it is also advisable to address your tenants with formality and civility.

5. Leave Space for Signature

After crafting the header and body of your lease letter, keep in mind to leave a space for your letter for signature. Through your signature, your receiver will perceive that you made this request according to your will. Also, it will act as a verification of you as the sender of the sample letter. Therefore, it will also give credibility to it.

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