Librarian Resume Templates

Let Help You Realize Your Aspiration as a Librarian. Use Our Free Librarian Resume Templates for a Convenient Start and to Get Closer to Your Dream Role. Resumes for a School Librarian, Library Media Specialist, Academic Librarian, Public Librarian, Reference Librarian, and Other Library Professional Jobs Await You. This Selection Also Includes Assistant Teacher Resumes and Cover Letters. See more

Librarian positions vary and may change depending on the type of library they work in. They focus on three aspects: user services librarian, technical services librarian, and administrative services. They help patrons find the information they need. Aside from that, their duties include an instructional role, teaching the users how to show and evaluate information. According to, there are about 134,800 librarian jobs in 2018. This shows that there are a lot of opportunities if you’ll look for a job relating to libraries. If you’re interested in this kind of job, then it’s your time to grab this chance. Here are some tips on how to make a well-written librarian resume templates. 

First, you need to create your draft. Try to recall and organize the necessary information you will need for your resume. In this way, you can be sure that there is no single information that you’ve missed out on. Second, choose an appropriate template for your resume. Librarian duties depend on the kind of library you will be working in. It is best if you’ll pick the right theme for your specific job. According to a reliable source, 33% belongs to elementary school and secondary schools, 31% to local government or public libraries, 18% to some university libraries. Third, don’t forget to include your licenses and certifications. Some states will also require this especially if you are interested to become a public school librarian. However, others may not require this but it is also important to include this information since it is the best way to present your credibility. Fourth, don’t you ever forget to proofread your resume. Aside from that it should be well-written, make sure that there are no errors as well. Take note of this before submitting your resume through your email app. 

Crafting your resume may be time consuming but it pays to have the best one. You need to be unique and be top from other candidates. The more you make your resume well, the better and more chances to be chosen for an interview.