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With the advent of digital messaging, sending out quick, short messages through email instead of traditional letters in business as well as personal matters has become the norm. In an office setting, however, it’s still necessary to send out a formal form of communication for distribution in an internal setting.

While emails and official chat messages are being widely used in almost all businesses, office memorandums are used primarily by management. Official business memos have the sole exclusivity of being used by persons in position to issue directives or important information in a formal way. That’s because business memos follow a format of traditional formal business letters that include the opening, main body and closing parts of a formal written letter.

At, we have all kinds of professionally-made, premium designed memo templates that you can download for free. These are all formatted according to formal or traditional memo formats that are universally accepted as the standard for making memos in professional settings anywhere in business. Some of our site’s memo templates include:

Meeting Memo Templates take on numerous forms, such as:

  • Staff Meeting Memo - Most companies have numerous departments, each with their own unique individual concerns. Staff meeting memos are limited to personnel from any department which have urgent matters to discuss, ranging from strategies on how to go about their work efficiently, to discussions on matters that affect everyone in the department.

  • Board Meeting Memo - Members of the board of directors in a company need to regularly meet to discuss matters and make important decisions in behalf of the company. Board meeting memos are issued so members of the board can prepare on important topics, the results of which may alter the way a company is being handled.

Of course, not all memos are used for meetings, so our site is also offering various memo formats with multifunctional usage. These are offered in sample memo formats for internal memos. Examples of these are:

  • Memo To Employees - From simple reminders to reprimands, memos help keep employees aware of their actions, such as tasks that need to be completed, to behavioral concerns that need to be immediately addressed.

  • Changes in Rules and Policies - Changes in company policies that directly affect all employees need to be disseminated so everyone will be aware of the changes in policy. In this regard, it is the direct responsibility of either the immediate supervisor or manager to issue this memo either through an email blast or in places where the memo is visible for everyone to see.

  • Other Important Announcements - While this can be done through email, important announcements still need to be formally written in a business format. Memos for such announcements as holidays, team building activities and employee promotions still need a formal announcement, hence the importance of memos as the email’s main content.

Besides meeting and internal memos, however, our site also has other memo templates that are equally important such as a credit memo that can be used for sales transactions. At, we have all kinds of beautiful and professionally-designed premium templates that are all free to download and are editable and customizable according to the user’s specifications. These are all designed for business or personal use and come in high quality, 300 dpi resolution. Visit and choose you templates for free now.