How to Create a Log?

A log (also called log sheet) is a document used for entering pieces of information. Businesses, organizations, and individuals use logs for various reasons. These include but are not limited to keeping track of details, remembering upcoming activities, and organizing data.

When it comes to remembering information, the human mind is not very reliable. In fact, Work Learning states that people have a tendency to forget 40% of recent information in only 20 minutes. This just shows how important it is to record important details in a log sheet. Guidelines are provided below in case you need help in creating your log sheets.

1. Set a Purpose to Your Log Sheet

People and businesses use log sheets for a reason. They can be used to log employees in and out, record expenses, document daily work, etc. For your log sheet, what is it for, and what content should be in it? By identifying the purpose, you’ll have a better understanding of how to format the layout and how to present the details.

2. Choose the Perfect Software App

Work is indeed easier if you’re using the tools that you’re comfortable with. That doesn’t just apply to construction work, it also applies to IT projects created on the computer. For clarity, if you find it easier to make documents in Word, then use it. Another example is if you’re better at designing using Photoshop than Illustrator, then go with the former.

3. Prepare the Details to Log

After identifying the purpose and choosing a software application, it’s time to start preparing the content. These refer to the details that you’re going to log into your sheet. Write a list of these details and make sure to arrange them in the appropriate order depending on its purpose. This way, it’ll be easier for the reader to read through your report.

4. Create Tables for the Content

Using your chosen software application, add a table to the document. Log the details inside this table, just make sure to add labels to the rows and columns. And if you want a cleaner look for your log sheet, you may also remove the lines of the table borders.

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