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What Is a Fact Sheet?

A fact sheet is a document that gives useful information about a particular issue, especially for publicity purposes. It is mostly used by new employees to connect with the other tenured employees in the company. It makes the first-day experience of the new hires easier and convenient. With the use of fact sheet, they will be knowledgeable as to the company's mission, history, company's founder, and other essential information needed by the new hires.

How to Create a Fact Sheet

fact sheet template

In creating your company's fact sheet, make sure to make it as relatable as possible for the benefit of your audience. Indicate necessary pieces of information in your company to flaunt it out. There are varieties of the sample sheet that you can make. You can make real estate fact sheet, company fact sheet, hotel fact sheet, product fact sheet, and research fact sheet depending as to what you want. It sounds complicated, right? Well, to make it easier for you, here are steps as to how to make a fact sheet.

1. Make Your Simple Outline

Make your plan before starting your design. In making a fact sheet, planning is the easiest way to conduct as it is made of scratch that you only needed to fill. Take time to sit down, think thoroughly, and scribble your ideas that you can use for your blank sheet. Obviously, you can't own a company without knowing its fundamentals, so it is easier for you to write details about it. Make an outline about it and sort your ideas.

2. Put the Header Information

Make your header count because it is the first thing that your employees will see in your simple sheet. You can attach the mission, vision, goals, and achievements of your company below your header in order for them to read it first. In that way, you can leave an impression that will stick to them during their term in your company. Also, include the main email address or social networking sites of the company and a reminder to follow those accounts.

3. Indicate Quick Facts about the Company

This section, you can put background information about your company. Take note not to narrate the whole story but rather stick to the key facts. You can also indicate the company's work culture.

4. Emphasize the Customer Section

Dedicate a section for the facts about the customers of the company in your basic sheet. Indicate the customer's base and their role in helping those customers. In this part, you can use comprehensive languages that make them feel belonged. Show them that they are a vital part of the solution to the customer's dilemma.

5. Add Company's Reason to Succeed

Your customers are your drivers to success and so highlight as to what they do to your company. This is the power source of the company each and every day to strive hard to provide customers the service they deserve.

6. Include Company's Benefit Package

This section is one of the reasons for the employees to apply in the company: the benefits. According to research, benefits are important especially to millennial workers look in a company. In your company's orientation, you might let your new hires know about the company's benefits. So in this section, reinforce your company's best benefits. One example is a bonus plan.

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