Menus are a must in any type of food establishment. Small cafes, fast food chains, or fancy restaurants, it’s what customers use as the reference for their orders. If you’re planning on making a menu for your restaurant, we have ready-made products just for you. Check out our collection of Restaurant Menu Templates in Photoshop. Whether you’re into French, Japanese, or Spanish cuisines, our easily editable and fully printable templates are perfect for designing your food menus. Indeed, menus created using our templates will drive more diners toward your restaurant, so don’t hesitate to avail of our subscription plans today!

How to Design a Restaurant Menu in Adobe Photoshop

According to Joanna Pulido, menus change depending on diner preferences. Likewise, menus help influence diners with their choices. To ensure you’re making your restaurant menus the way it should be, you can take notes from the list below. This list of guidelines will help you in creating your own restaurant menu in Adobe Photoshop.

1. Decide on a Type of Menu

Restaurant menu cards can either be static, a la carte, or fixed, which one are you planning to make? Each type has its own characteristics and is used for a specific purpose. If you need to learn more about the different types of restaurant menus, refer to the FAQ section below.

2. Prepare a List of the Restaurant Items

This seems like it’s only applicable to startup restaurants that are making menus for the first time, but you can also do this if you’re simply updating your old menu. Write a list of the food and drinks that you wish to include in your menu, and indicate the corresponding prices.

3. Arrange the Menu into Sections

There are many ways to arrange your menu, you can either organize it according to the main ingredient, you according to its order in a meal. The former refers to meat, seafood, poultry, and vegetables, which works great if you have vegetarian customers. The latter, on the other hand, refers to appetizers, main dishes, and desserts.

4. Make the Content Easy to Read

Ensure your creative menu’s content is easy on the eyes by using the right font type and size. And while you’re allowed to use more than one font type, just make sure not to use too many. In most cases, 3 is the maximum number of font types.

5. Include Photos on Some Menu Items

Adding photos of the dishes and beverages will make your food menu look more enticing. However, don’t add photos for all menu items, just pick out the best-sellers or those that you want to highlight. And of course, make sure the photos are of exceptional quality and they capture the food’s mouthwatering features.

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