The duties and responsibilities of software engineers are very technical and complex. With that in mind, it's well-known that a software programmer, developer, or engineer should receive a reasonable amount for their compensation. If you just graduated as a software engineering, then your future may be bright. Allow us to help you secure a job in very prestigious companies through our ready-made Software Engineer Resume Templates. This collection of high-quality templates comes with easily editable and 100% customizable layout and content to enable you to effortlessly tailor them according to your experiences. Readily available in MS Word, MS Publisher, Apple Pages, Adobe PSD, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign, what more can you ask for? Choose a template from our collection and download it right away!

What is a Software Engineer Resume?

A software engineer resume is a specific type of resume that elaborates on the credentials, experience, and profile of a licensed software engineer. Similar to other types of resumes, this one can adapt a chronological, functional, and targeted format, depending on how the software engineer prefers to present his/her occupational background. Oftentimes, a software engineer is referred to as a software programmer or software developer.

How to Create a Software Engineer Resume

A 2020 statistics from states that the annual salary of software engineers ranges between $63,000 and $134,000, with $92,046 as the average. So as an aspiring and fully-licensed software engineer such as yourself, you have a bright financial future ahead of you with your chosen career path. Here, we want to help you secure a position as a software engineer as soon as possible. One of the best things we can do is invite you to go through our guide below to learn how to create an impressive and professional resume that fits your career choice.

1. Make the Design Formal and Creative

Keep in mind that even basic resumes are considered formal documents. With that said, the layout of your resume must have a clear and straightforward aesthetic. However, that doesn't mean you can't be creative with it. Since you're a software engineer, allow yourself to showcase your computer skills by making your resume unique. You can even add infographics if it is necessary for showcasing your credentials.

2. Utilize a Quality Portrait Photo

Your resume must also be, in a way, serve as a visual representation of yourself. For that reason, you must embed a high-resolution portrait photo of yourself, one that was taken within the past six months. For most people, they would rely on the services of professional photographers to take their photos to ensure quality.

3. Input Your Profile Accurately

The main purpose of a resume is to provide employers with information about who you are as a professional. A lot of hiring managers may even perform a background check to confirm if the information in your resume is indeed correct. This is why you need to make sure to input your profile and the rest of the details accurately and precisely. It would be best to proofread your content after inputting it to make sure that your engineering resume is free from any form of error.

4. State All Your Relevant Credentials and Achievements

Regardless of how much experience you have as a software engineer, you should state all your credentials that are required for the job position. Of course, that will include your educational attainment, licenses, certifications, and achievements. An employer will assess how qualified you are for the job by reading through your educational background, work experience, and other credentials.

5. Enumerate Your Skills and Positive Attributes

One of the factors that help an employer to decide whether to hire you or not is through your skills and attributes. If you're well aware of your skills, you should include them in your resume. Just make sure that the skills and attributes are within the parameters of a software engineer job description. After completing your resume, place it inside an envelope together with the rest of the application documents and prepare it for submission.

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