Are you going to be developing a software application program? Or maybe manufacturing and creating a product that will help a company? Then it’s time that you write a technical proposal!

A technical proposal is a type of document that you write for the people to whom you are proposing your product or creation, be it the leaders of your company, your investors, sponsors, or anyone whose role is to support your creative project. With the technical proposal, you will be able to share with them the technical details of the product or project, such as its engineering information, material, how it's made, how it works, the design, and other parts of the project that only you or the technical team will be working on.

Technical proposals also come in two categories: internal and external, and solicited and unsolicited proposals. Internal technical proposals are created for and within an organization, while external technical proposals are for and outside an organization or to a company that the proposing party is not involved in. On the one hand, a solicited technical proposal is one that an organization reached out and needed the project to be done by the proposing party, while an unsolicited technical proposal is one where the recipient or organization did not send a request to the proposing party to create the proposal.

But, regardless of the category and type of technical proposal, got you covered! So, download our editable, printable, accessible, and device-compatible technical proposal templates now!

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