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What Is a Postcard?

How to Make a Postcard

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A basic postcard is a rectangular card made from a thick paper used to send messages by mail without needing an envelope. This usually comes as a photograph on one side. Postcards are perfectly to tell someone far away about your own little adventures. First used in the second half of the 19th century, John P. Charlton created the first commercially produced cards in 1861. Nowadays, postcards are sent when someone is on holiday.

From beach trips to faraway travels, even business postcards, it lets your receiver know that even if your miles apart, you are still thinking about them. A simple postcard is a personal way of sharing what you have experienced to your loved ones. But are postcards a thing of the past?

The Washington Post reported that, in 2014, 770 million stamped postcards were processed by the U.S. Postal Service. There are some people who study and collect postcards, this is called etiology.

1. It Starts With The Right Paper

To make a really good postcard, you have to make sure it is made from the best paper you could find. Postcards don’t usually use envelopes when sent, so your paper needs to be sturdy and suitable for your postcard design. You can make your postcard from thick paper or thin cardboard. We have sample postcards you can check out.

2. Your Picture Paints A Thousand Words

Pick out the perfect picture to make your postcard picture perfect. Use the photo that best represents your trips and travels, picks the photo that also puts a smile on your receiver’s face. Attach your photo to your postcard paper and add a back to write your message and address. You can choose from our many printable postcard templates.

3. Address for Success

Make sure you address your printable postcard properly. You wouldn’t want to send your postcard to the wrong place. Write legibly, the address your sending to should be understandable. Do not forget any details of the address, street name, building number, etc. If you plan on staying in the same city longer, you can also add a return address to your postcard.

4. Send Your Sentiments

When writing your message, there isn’t much space on your postcard, so try to keep it short and sweet. The left side of your postcard is for your message and the right side is for the receiver’s address. Keep your message straight to the point, but don’t forget to be a little creative when writing. You can talk about many things in your postcard. You can write about your day, the locals, the things you’ve learned, etc. Your message on your blank postcard should also be handwritten to make it more personal.

5. No Errors, No Terrors

Always recheck your creative postcard, a misspelling of a name or address can send your postcard somewhere else. Every little detail should be checked to make sure your personal note can reach its destination.

6. Stamp It, Send It, Smile

Don’t forget to stamp your simple postcard. The postage stamp on your postcard helps postal services know the distance your card is traveling. The more you pay in postage stamps, the farther your card is getting. Send it with a smile, your postcard will carry it across oceans.

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