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11+ Resort Website Themes & Templates

Resorts are one of the places people go to for recreation. It enables us to relax and find inner peace. It clears our minds from stress and takes us away from the hustle of the city. The breathtaking sceneries offer a new perspective in contrast to what we usually see every day. You may also see beach website templates.

Resort owners are catching up to the digital age. They are now putting up websites of their resorts to gain more customers. This is one way of showcasing their content and what they can offer. If you are a resort owner and you still don’t have a website, we have collected some of the best templates to help you out. You may also see hotel PHP themes.

Royal Resort WordPress Theme

royal resort wordpress themetemplate

Hotel & Resort Website Theme

home  788x

Hotel & Resort WordPress Theme


Resort & Booking WordPress Theme

resort booking wordpress theme

Hotel & Resort HTML5 Template

sparta 788x

Tips for Choosing A Website Template

Websites are created to expand their online presence and reach out easily to their customers. Each website is unique when it comes to displaying, appearance, features, and services. Choosing a template for a website may require a lot of thinking. It is one decision that can make or break the website. You may also see hotel WP themes.

resort website 788x

Before choosing a template for a website, take note of some of these important elements:

1. Build up the site’s concept.

Determine the website’s concept of choosing a template. Your concept serves as your guide in picking from the tens and thousands of templates available on the internet. For example, a corporate website should at least look credible and trustworthy. A restaurant website should have an appetizing appearance. Since it’s a resort, look for a template that suits your concept well. Any concept the site takes on has a corresponding set of templates for it.

2. Choose a template you need.

It is not entirely wrong to choose a visually-appealing template. While you can go for a template that pleases the eyes, choose a template that suits your every need when building the website. Keep your future users in mind when choosing a template. It is their convenience that you are thinking of. Jot down the users’ expectations on your website and find a template that meets them. You may also like hotel WordPress templates.

3. Choose a template with many features.

A template with many features is useful for the website. The features offer a more enhanced user experience. Choose a template with features that are both useful and responsive to any device. Your website needs to be accessible to smartphones and desktop computers for easier usage. Another thing to consider is customer support, which comes along with the template. Every template has its own flaws and it needs customer support along the way. Good and stable customer support is a plus in choosing a template. You may also see hotel WP templates.

4. Flexible and customizable.

A flexible and customizable template provides more room for improvement of features. It should adapt to updates easily. Keep the customization of the template to a minimum. Do not customize to the point of deviating from its original look. Customization is just for the enhancement of the website. Junk templates that you think you cannot use and keep the ones you can still utilize and maximize. You may also see hotel HTML5 themes.

5. Quality over anything else.

Above all, the template’s quality should remain as the top priority. It’s what the users see at first sight. A good website is attractive to look at and easy to use. It also attracts more traffic if the site is of good quality. The better the site, the more curious people will be. Their curiosity will lead to increased traffic. You may also see PSD website themes.

Sample Hotel and Resort HTML5 Template

avara 788x30

Resort WordPress Theme

royal 788x

Hotel & Resort WordPress Theme

hotel resort wordpress theme 788x

Resort & Spa – Responsive Template

monarch 788x30

Resort Reservation HTML Template

relax 788x

Hotel Resort & Hotel WordPress Theme

hotel lux 788x

How To Effectively Promote Your Resort

Any product and service need proper marketing and promotion. Now that you have your site online, it’s the perfect time for marketing and promoting your resort. People should be able to know all about your resort by just browsing your website. Here are some things you need to consider in marketing and promoting the site:

1. Content.

The first and foremost thing to be done in online marketing is to create the content. Since you are investing on a resort website, its content should have a fresh feel. Excellent skills in photography are needed when taking pictures of beaches and other different sceneries. Make it as breathtaking as possible. You can put the photos in the gallery section. You may also like hotel bootstrap themes.

Another thing to include when content making is the descriptions of the services offered. The words should be carefully written. Do not mislead the customers on the services you offer. Be true to your words. You may also like hotel PSD themes.

You can also include a short video presentation showing the best amenities in the resort. A short one to two-minute video will do for this. This is a visual way of promoting what’s best of the resort to the people.

2. Social media marketing.

As we all know, social media has so much power in today’s generation. News first breaks on social media sooner than other sources lately. Advertisements can now be seen on social media as well as on television. It has so many tools that you can use to promote your business.

When you market your website on social media, you have to know your audience first. This will determine the kind of ad you want to put out for your business. Prepare an ample amount of money to spend on social media marketing, as this will cost more than what you can expect. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are some of the best social media sites to market your business. Build your connections as early as now.

3. Search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization or SEO involves a little modification on your site to rank it higher in search engine results. This is a very helpful tool when it comes to the visibility of your website. Once it is being searched online, it will organically come out and add more traffic to the site.

4. Mobile marketing.

Since your website template should be responsive to mobile devices, you might as well include this in your marketing strategy. Make content suitable for mobile. More and more people are glued to their smartphones. If you want to invest heavily in marketing, the mobile market is one of the best areas to take advantage of.

Spa Resort & Hotel Responsive Website Template

royal villa 788x

Hotel HTML Website Template

chondo 788x

Advantages of Beach Resort Getaway

The daily grind of city life can drain what’s left of our energy. We are loaded with lots of work and tasks that need to be done. The only thing we look forward to is going home and decluttering our mind of unwanted thoughts. Sometimes we need to get away from the fast-paced life and enjoy the sun, sand, and sea. Doing this once in a while can bring wellness back into a person’s life. Apart from that, here are some things a beach getaway can bring. you may also see creative website themes.

1. Relief from stress.

The calm and tropical feel of the beach instantly relieves all the stress we feel from life. Its ambiance and atmosphere has a great relaxing power and lets us enjoy the beach as it is.

2. Get the body to exercise well.

Going to the beach gives the body some time to exercise. You need to stretch your tired muscles and get your blood going. Exercise keeps you fit and awake. You may also see responsive HTML5 website themes.

3. Sleep better.

Having a getaway on the beach allows you to sleep longer and better. There’s no work to think of and the silence of the whole place at night distress your body. It prompts you to relax and get ten hours of sleep that you haven’t been getting the whole time. You may also see free personal website themes.

4. Get vitamins from the sunlight.

The sunlight contains Vitamin D and other vitamins which you can get by getting up early and starting your day with a walk on the beach. It really feels good to soak in the early morning sunlight when it’s not too hot yet. It’s kind of refreshing and gives you the feeling that today is another good day. You may also like kids website themes.

5. Rebuild yourself.

Leaving your daily life for a short vacation at the beach allows you to rebuild yourself both physically and mentally. This is the greatest time for you to set your priorities straight and think about what’s important in your life. Sometimes we have to rebuild ourselves after so many things that happened. Rebuilding yourself means starting another day filled with hope and courage. You may also see responsive website themes.

6. Share a bond and memories.

Going to the beach does not necessarily mean enjoying the whole place alone. If time and budget will allow it, go on a beach getaway with friends or family. That way, you can share create good memories and share a bond with each other. It enables you to give your family a great time and experience that they need as well. You may also like elegant website themes.

7. Form new connections.

The beach can be a hotspot for forming new connections. You may get to meet new people and talk about different things in life. Making connections when you’re relaxed usually turns out better than when you’re stressed out. You may also see 3D website themes.

Always remember that when designing web templates, pick the most relevant and useful template. Do not overdo the design as this can ruin the template as a whole. Have fun and work hard. You may also see flat design website templates.

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