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17 Best eCommerce Blogger Templates

Most entrepreneurs today have taken notice of the potential of creating an online store or shop simply because of the ease of access to the online market.

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This is because a majority of the population today are in some way connected to the Internet in some form (mostly social media sites or any site that involves online interactions among members). This makes it an absolute necessity for marketers to create an online store that allows site visitors to view and decide whether or not a certain product is for them.

Online stores are a rather common thing to come across when surfing the web. This is because the online market allows for the selling of almost any product and service while providing an easy way to keep track of transactions.

As you will be viewing this article, we will be showcasing 20 different eCommerce blog templates you can use to create your very own blog site complete with shopping functions. So view each one and determine which of these 20 examples is for you.

eCommerce WordPress Theme

The name of this modern WordPress theme is eCommerce, and it is a perfect match for those who wish to create an online store. This WordPress theme consists of several amazing layout options that will allow you to display your products and services in a variety of ways to create a website layout that is appealing to your eyes as well as the eyes of your target market.

It also includes a function called wishlist which allows site visitors to identify what type of products they wish to have and place them all in one list that can be reviewed at a later date. There’s a quick view function, too, which you can customize to include a brief description of each of your products or services that can help site visitors when they are making their purchase decisions.

Oleander – A Blog and Shop Theme

Need a good blog theme template for the creation of an online store you want to open? Then Oleander is perfect for you. This WordPress theme and template is capable of the creation of an online store thanks to its WooCommerce feature, which makes the entire process as easy as a press of a button.

Oleander is made to be a blog and shop WordPress theme that allows users of this theme template to create a fully functioning blog that can work in combination with the shop features of the website. It is also clean in terms of design and contains a feature that allows you to select a post format and post layout from the numerous pre-designed layouts.

Flipmart – Responsive eCommerce WordPress


Flipmart is a responsive eCommerce WordPress theme that is made with clean code techniques (clean code is a type of coding technique that makes coding simple and easy by arranging the code in such a way that you can easily manage and alter specific portions of the site) and an elegant design.

This WordPress theme is a must-have template for the creation of an online store that aims to sell clothes, accessories, gadgets, jewelry, furniture, and any other products. With its responsive design, Flipmart is capable of being accessed on most mobile devices available, increasing the number of potential target markets for your website. This WordPress theme is even made to be cross-browser compatible, making it even easier to access the site.

MaxStore – Creative, Minimalist WordPress Theme

If you are ever in need of a clean and modern WordPress theme for your website, then Maxstore is the theme template for you. This WordPress theme is made by professionals and is often a go-to theme template for most bloggers who wish to create an online blog to discuss a certain topic of interest while also selling merchandise and products related to the topic of the blog.
It is made to be fully responsive so as to cater to a larger market that is often online via mobile devices which provides your website a larger demography to target. This responsive WordPress theme is perfect for the creation of any blog that you wish to create.


WooShop is made to be a modern business WordPress theme that is both stylish and functional in terms of displaying content as well as displaying products and services. This WordPress theme comes packed with plenty of customization options such as an extensive collection of layout options one may choose for their website as well as several other features that guarantee an easy-to-customize website.

An example of one of the features that make this WordPress theme a favorite among others would be the custom slider and grid layout options that will allow you to easily arrange your content and products in a way that will be easy to view as well as easy to compare. An important feature this theme template has would be the shop function which is made possible thanks to the WooCommerce plugin.

Blaszok eCommerce Theme

Blaszok is an all-in-one easy-to-use WooCommerce website theme made to be a fully responsive and interactive online web store that is also fully customizable. So bloggers and site makers have less work to do since they would have what could be considered a ready-to-start website that only requires the content itself.

This theme template doesn’t just have one specific type of site creation but rather it is allowed to be used as the template for the creation of various types of websites, making it even more valuable for web designers everywhere.

Hair Care – Professional Salon MotoCMS eCommerce Template

This MotoCMS eCommerce template is known as Hair Care and it is a simple-to-use theme that is capable of creating an elegant and high-performing website thanks to the variety of features and functions provided in the theme itself.

An example of one of the many features and functions this theme provides would be the product showcasing options. These options allow you to easily display your products in a variety of ways so as to give your site a personal feel in its overall design.

This theme is also made to be responsive, making the site appear simply amazing across any device screen. Another useful feature would be the handy drag-and-drop function that allows for the uploading of content and other similar objects of interest.

Victoria – Blog and eCommerce Theme

Ever wanted to build a blog that is capable of supporting the topic you want to write but can also function as a store to generate some income? Then Victoria is for you. This shop and blog WordPress theme is elegant in appearance as well as fast and reliable in terms of performance. So site visitors are exposed to several elegant features and designs that let them see your website is a cut above the rest.

Almost every feature of this WordPress theme is customizable from the layout options down to the color scheme of each content being displayed on the site. It even features a widget that will allow the addition of social media links and tools that will let you advertise your site on most social media sites today, making it easier for people to notice your site.

Isabelle – Blog and eCommerce Theme

Isabelle is a premium feminine WordPress blog theme that is made to function as a blog and an online store all-in-one WordPress theme. This WordPress theme features a flexible and beautiful design that allows for the easy creation of any type of blog such as a personal blog, fashion blog, tech blog, or any type of blog you can think of. With its WooCommerce feature, it is also capable of starting up an online store easily and almost immediately after you have uploaded the necessary contents.

This WordPress theme is displayed in a grid layout which is always a good choice when it comes to displaying multiple contents or products on a single page for the sake of the site visitors’ ease of navigation and comparison of products.

Shopy – eCommerce WordPress Theme

Shopy is a minimal WordPress theme that requires only a small amount of system resources to run and maintain, which is always an added bonus on its own when it comes to the creation of a site.

This WordPress theme is WooCommerce-compatible, which allows site managers to design and create their own personal online store easily and with as inconvenience as possible.

This WordPress theme is so flexible that it is a perfect choice for all types of blogs, with the eCommerce feature as an option.


WooCart is considered to be one of the best eCommerce WordPress themes available on the market today. This is mainly because of the overall quality of the WordPress theme, thanks to the combination of features and functions as well as design choices made to create this amazing template.

From the design of the web page alone, you can determine that this theme is easy to use. This is always a good trait when it comes to designing your site because it often means people will stop and look at your website long enough for them to decide whether they are interested in the topic of your site or not.

With its ability to support eCommerce-based websites, you can also be capable of selling various products thanks to its easy to use WooCommercce feature which helps you create a simple yet amazing online store in just a few minutes.

Kids Planet – Responsive eCommerce/Blog HTML Theme

Kids Planet is made to be a responsive HTML5 website template that is capable of functioning as several sites in one, such as being able to create an informative and interesting blog relating to the topics of child development, child care, and other similar child-related topics while also being able to function as a store providing products and services. This website theme targets web designers who are interested in the creation of a website that targets children and concerned parents or guardians as the desired target market of this WordPress theme.

Basel – Responsive eCommerce Theme

Basel is a professionally made AJAX theme that is made to be minimal in nature and responsive in design so as to ensure the accessibility of the device in any network condition. It is considered to be one of the most powerful modern eCommerce websites templates available.

With its drag-and-drop page builder, Basel is an easy-to-use website theme template that provides its users with a ton of options on how to approach the creation of their sites thanks to its numerous features and capabilities.

eMaxStore Multipurpose eCommerce WordPress Theme

eMaxStore is a beautifully designed responsive eCommerce WordPress theme that is capable of being used as a template for various types of websites with each having their own distinct topics and discussions. However, it primarily focuses on the creation of an online store that beautifully showcases your products. As stated earlier, this WordPress theme is made to be a multipurpose theme that can be used either as a separate blog, eCommerce site, or the combination of both options so as to create a dynamic and amazing website that is also multi-functional.

Beautiful WordPress Theme eCommerce

Beautiful is a clean and modern WordPress theme that is as the name says beautiful to look at as well as fast in terms of performance and function. This WordPress theme is made with a responsive layout so as to be viewed on any screen without reducing the overall quality of the site.  It is SEO or search engine optimized and capable of starting an online store or eCommerce-based website in addition to its blog features.

Being SEO-friendly, this means it will help your site appear higher on the list of search results if ever a person does search a topic related to your site on any search engine. It even includes links and options to add in social media sites into your website so as to have a passive means of increasing web traffic to your websites which is always a good feature to have when promoting your site.

JustFit Responsive WordPress Theme

JustFit is considered to be the ultimate fitness WordPress theme. From the initial design of the demo, you can easily see the potential and capabilities of the theme template and how effective your site would be when implementing the same design options and features into your own website which makes this theme even more amazing.

Fitness is an ever-increasing concern for most adults, especially with the increase of obesity and other similar health problems which makes creating a blog dedicated to the discussion of the health of each person popular.

This WordPress theme features a variety of features and functions, each of these features plays an important role in the design of the website. It is also capable of being used as an online web store thanks to its WooCommerce compatibility, which is built into the theme itself to allow you to design and create a blog site that not only discusses fitness issues and other health-related topics but also make a site that is capable of supplying visitors with the necessary supplements, devices, or products for maintaining their physical health.

Blanche – Fashion and Shop WP Theme


Blanche is the best choice available when it comes to the creation of a clean and professionally designed WordPress theme website. It is full of features and functions that will assist you in the creation of your very own website with little hassle. This WordPress theme is also capable of being made into an online web store template thanks to its WooCommerce features.

Creating an online store for this fashion WordPress blog theme is a great way to earn some extra income because not only can you write about fashion, you will also be capable of selling fashion products and items that will make your site visitors even more interested in your site.

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