30 Free Pictograms Icons and Icon Set

With the growth and spread of social media and networking, pictograms have become common like never before. Free pictogram icons and icon generators are available throughout the internet and you can download your favorite pictograms depending on the topic, size, color, texture, logo and other factors. You can also create your own pictograms for your own website, social media page or blog and use it to grab people’s attention or to increase the popularity of the pages by adding social media links as pictograms. You can customize and design your own pictograms using various online pictogram generators and designers which allow you to draw, design, add pictures and edit pictures in order to make a relevant pictogram. Pictograms are used all over the internet and you can use them as links to various other pages, as specific pointers on your own website, as markers on your desktop and even as symbols while chatting on the internet. The use of pictograms while chatting is unparalleled and some editors even allow you to draw and make pictograms on the spot and send them while you are chatting with someone. The variety of pictogram shapes range from food, cosmetics, sports, daily items and vehicles to scientific products, emoticons, cartoons, symbols, devices and other numerous products. Plus, editors also allow you to edit and change the colors, shapes and patterns of pre designed pictograms from all over the internet and make them more attractive and useful for yourself.

free pictograms icons

Family vector icons

family vector icons

Go Green Icon Set

go green icon set

Coffee cup icon

coffee cup free icon

Airport sign icon

airport sign free icon

Emoticons Icon

icontexto emoticons 14 icon

Wood Button Icons

wood button icons

Emoticons Icon

icontexto emoticons 11 icon

Gold Button Icons

gold button icons

Restaurant icon


Two wine cups free icon

two wine cups

Girl beauty consultant products Icon

girl beauty consultant products icon

Hot Flat Icons

hot flat icons

Monochrome symbols icon

monochrome symbols icon

Phone outline free icon

phone outline free icon

Shopping cart Icon

shopping cart icon

Multimedia simple icons set

multimedia simple icons set

Toolbar Icons

toolbar icons

Social icon


Basic restaurant sign icon

basic restaurant sign

Users Icon

users icon

Summer holiday flat icons

summer holiday flat icons

Developer icon set

developer icon set

Widescreen free icon

widescreen free icon

Professional Toolbar Icons

professional toolbar icons

Mickey mouse Icon

mickey mouse icon

Folder Icon

folder icon

Web icon


Pictogram icons

pictogram icons

Animals flat vector set Icons

animals flat vector set