10+ Free High-Quality Buttons

high quality buttons

Buttons help you in enhancing your website and make it more functional. We have compiled the buttons which are commonly used in different kinds of websites. You can download these buttons for free instead of designing them all by yourself. We have covered different themes like minimalist buttons, glossy buttons, transparent buttons, etc.

Minimalist Buttons


Contact us button is used to let people get in contact with you. It helps you in gaining feedback. You can provide your email id and contact number via this button. Businesses also use the Contact button to get bookings and reservation with just a single click.

Learn More Buttons


Most often websites comprise of brief and short information as people don’t prefer to read a lot on digital platforms and layouts. But if you want to give a detail and descriptive piece of information, you can do that by adding a learn more button. With the learn more button, people who desire to get into the details can do that by clicking on learn and will be directed to the descriptive document.

Social Network Buttons


Social media buttons are something we see almost on all websites these days. These buttons provide link to the social media profiles of the website. It makes it easy for the users to find the socail media profiles of the website.

Key Switch Buttons


If you want to add options like Yes and No or Approve or Reject to your website Start Button, you can do that with the help of the buttons provided. You can use these buttons as an option for a questionnaire or form that you would want your users to fill. It makes interaction easy.

Round Contact Buttons


Donate Buttons


Donate buttons are used in websites where contributors make contributions in terms of donations. The button make it easy to find the source for donation. You can add the button for free to your website. It is available in PSD format, you can get it from the link provided above.

Light Bulb On and Off Buttons


The PSD file comes with two light bulb buttons with glowing buld shapes in blue and yellow color. You can download the free layered PSD from the link given above.

Social Media Logo Buttons


This is another set of social media buttons that you can download in case you did not prefer the round social media buttons we presented earlier.

Submit PSD Buttons


Submit buttons are used in interactive websites where users are to fill in forms and answers. The submit button confirms the submission of answers and takes the users to the next step. The button is available in PSD format and is available is

Colorful Buttons


Here is a collection of colorful buttons that you can download for free from the link provided above. the buttons are available in various colors and come in PSD format, you can edit these and put on the tag as per your desire.

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