15 Impressive Typography Business Cards


Typography is the art of placing typed letters to make them readable and clear to readers. It usually has different styles and strokes. These letter templates, when arranged properly, are transformed into a beautiful masterpiece. It has evolved from its simple roots to an art and business.

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Establishments like restaurants and coffee shops use typography in putting up decorations on their walls. These are usually quotes by famous people or random inspirational quotes.

Typography can be used in designing business cards to make them look more presentable. A well-designed business card makes a good impression on the clients.

Here are some of the most impressive templates for designing business cards, the typo way.

Typography Business Card Template

typography business card e1510732237297

This template fully makes use of simple and artsy free fonts in one go. While blue and orange don’t seem to be commonly used as a color combination, it’s not an eyesore when used together. This is available in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Microsoft Word, Photoshop, and Publisher. It measures 2 by 3.5 inches.

Folded Laptop Template

laptop folded business card e1510732428510

The folded feature of this template sets it apart from others. Simple typography fonts can be used to replace the existing fonts. It comes in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Microsoft Word, Photoshop, and Publisher formats with a size of  3.5 by 2 inches.

Modern Minimal Template

modern minimal business card template e1510732476130

Blue and white is a good combination of soothing colors. This template is suitable for simple typo fonts. It’s available in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Microsoft Word, Photoshop, and Publisher formats at a size of 3.5 by 2 inches.

Modern Creative Template

modern creative business card template e1510732659465

For this creative template, mixing and matching colors, and adding modern fonts is a good way to express a sense of style. It’s 3.5 by 2 inches wide and available in Adobe Illustrator, In Design, Microsoft Word, Photoshop, and Publisher formats.

Minimal Black and White Template

minimal black and white business card mock up 767x537 e1510732741776

You can never go wrong with black and white. Its neat and balanced design always works wonders. With this template, you can add a bit of edgy yet clean fonts. The rectangular shape leaves some space for a little design. It’s available in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Microsoft Word, Photoshop, and Publisher formats in 2 by 3.5-inch size.

Red Typography Template

matator red typography business card 788x524

The strong aura of red and the perfect harmony between black, white, and gray are suitable for this type of business card. It’s fully layered in Photoshop and ready to use. It’s also print ready. You can choose between a horizontal front and back template with a size of 3.5 by 2.5 inches. The colors of this template are also changeable.

Kraft Paper Template

kraft paper business card 788x524

This template can be used for any business purpose. It’s fully customizable in Photoshop and you can edit its fonts and texts to your liking. This template can be revised using Adobe Photoshop CS3 or any higher versions of the application. It’s print-ready at 2 by 3.5 inches.

Retro Template

retro business card 788x572

If you want to give your unique business card a retro feel, this template is for you. It borrows heavily from the style of the past few decades. You can fully customize and edit the template in Photoshop. Goblin, Times New Roman, and Rechtman are the only fonts that can be used. It’s print-ready at 3.5 by 2 inches.

Golden Nova Template

preview1 788x524

This clean business card can have the colors reversed when it takes on another design. You can choose between a Back Template and Vertical Front in the size of 3.5 by 2 inches. Colors are customizable and the design is print-ready.

Typography Studio Template

x1 788x524

This highly-detailed professional business card rich in various fonts is clean and edgy. Colors can be reversed when customizing its look. It’s already fully-layered in Photoshop and print-ready at 3.5 by 2.5 inches in size.

Creative Card Template

creative card template


The template has a fresh design that’s clean and attractive to the eyes. It uses the Myriad Pro font and is fully editable.

Simple Studio Template

simple studio template


The minimalist light green and white design easily captures the eyes. When purchasing an order template, the font links to be used are included in the zip file. It’s customizable and editable at 3.5 by 2.5 inches in size. It’s also print-ready.

Small Initial Template

small initialartboard 1 788x524

For this template, the designer does away with using cursive fonts because of its limited space. The classic black and white color combination dominates the design and catches the eye. It has a two-page editable InDesign document and it’s available in 2.5 by 2.5 inches.

Speech Bubble Template

speech bubble business card 788x524

The speech bubble template is modern and easy to use as it is customizable in Photoshop and usable for any kind of business. Logos and colors can be easily changed depending on your taste. The good thing about this template is that the fonts to be used are all free. It can be edited on Adobe Photoshop CS1 or higher versions of the application. It’s print-ready at 2 by 3.5 inches.

Grunge Template

grunge 788x524

This template has that early 1900 feel in its design and fonts. It’s fully layered in Photoshop and can be further customized. It also has a royalty-free license. It’s 3.5 by 2 inches in size.

Given the limited size of folded business cards, it’s the designer’s call on how to put in the necessary design elements that will make the card stand out. Details range from simple to intricate. With a well-designed business card, you will definitely be making a good impression on your clients.

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