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The cinema is the true home of the movies. Yes, there might be new ways to watch movies, but it is only in the cinema that you get to experience the movies. Television, DVDs and BluRay, and streaming services may deliver the movies right into your lap, but it is only in the cinema will you be able to feel the sheer vastness of the great American landscapes shown in the American and Spaghetti Westerns, the great expanse of the Arabian desert that feature in Lawrence of Arabia, or even the epic infinity of space as in Star Wars, Star Trek, and 2001: A Space Odyssey. Simply put, movies are made for the big screen and they deserved to be viewed as such. You can also read sports ticket templates.

Then there is the audience, rather your fellow audience. They can be noisy. They can be smelly. They can be annoying. You may hate them for it, however, they are part of the cinema-going experience. You will find that with a great audience, your experience will be greatly amplified to the point of being spiritual. You may also see movie ticket templates.

Free Movie Admission Ticket Template


Simple Movie Ticket Template


3D Movie Ticket Template


With that said, you cannot really go to a cinema without a movie or cinema ticket. Movies and movie making, in general, are expensive. Both the movie and the movie theater must earn money in the box office so that the movie makers can continue making movies and the movie theaters can continue projecting movies. As such, it is only right for the audience to pay the price of admission. This is where the movie ticket comes from. You can also see award winning movie ticket templates.

The Movie Ticket

As mentioned above, the movie ticket is what the audience pays for in order to be admitted to a movie screening. Depending on the theater or screening, the movie ticket can either be for a specified seat or an arbitrary one. The former is usually referred to as an allocated seating while the latter is commonly called as free seating, first-come, first served. Nowadays tickets are not only limited to physical tickets. The rise of smartphones has allowed for movie tickets to be bought online and in advance. These can be shown at the ticket check. You may also see free ticket templates.

Family Movie Night Ticket Template


Wedding Invitation Movie Ticket Template


Movie Night Ticket


Old School Movie Event Ticket


Movie Theater Seating

The movie ticket is vital to know what kind of seating your movie screening will be. Movie tickets can even carry information on where the owner of the ticket can be seated for that screening. There are two kinds of movie screenings: Free seating and allocated seating. You can also read printable ticket templates.

1. Free seating

Screenings with a free seating arrangement has an arbitrary seating. Cinema patrons are seated on a first-come, first-served base. That said, there will be times that cinema staff will be asking for people to move into different seats in order to accommodate couples and groups who want to sit together or for people who suffer from a disability. This type of seating is what is most common in North America. You may also see homerun baseball ticket templates.

2. Allocated Seating

Screenings with allocated seating are kind of more orderly than the free seating arrangement. Tickets play a more important role in these types of screenings as they carry the seat number of the ticket holder. Patrons often select their seats on a small video screen in the box office or ticket stand. Though there will be times when such a screen is not available and for those cases, ticket buyers must select their seats based on the verbal description of the theater layout. You can also read PSD ticket templates.

Template of Cinema Tickets

Template of Cinema Tickets

Editable Vintage Movie Ticket


Set Cinema Ticket

Set Cinema Ticket

Set Cinema Ticket Templates

Set Cinema Ticket 2

Cinema Ticket Templates


Information Found on Movie Tickets

A movie ticket’s format and design need not be overly complicated. Usually, when they are presented to the ticket checker, they will be torn in half, as such there will be zero need for anything fancy. That being said, movie tickets can also be used to carry additional information about the movie screenings. Movie tickets can help both ticket holders and ticket checkers with this information. You may also see baseball ticket templates.

1. Name of Cinema

This is practically obvious. Not only does it confirm as to which cinema the movie is going to be screened, it also reaffirms the checker that that ticket is indeed for that cinema. It prevents people from buying from a cheaper cinema and watching it at another. You may also read blank ticket templates.

2. Screen or Theater Number

Most movie houses and movie theaters have multiple screens. Some of these may screen the same movies on the same schedule. Having the screen or theater number give the audience knows as to which ones they are for. Not only does it make for a calm and organized manner for which the audience can go to their screens, it also avoids possible overcrowding of these screens. You can also see creative ticket designs.

3. Title of the Movie

Another no-brainer piece of information. This part of the movie ticket verifies as to which movie the ticket is for. It prevents people from buying a ticket for another movie and going to see another one. This is especially useful against younger viewers whose age does not meet with the proper rating certificate. Sometimes, this information is provided along with the stars, cast, and even director. You can also see ticket invitation templates

Cinema Ticket Template


Cinema Ticket Mockup


Vintage Movie Ticket


Retro Cinema Tickets

Retro Cinema Tickets

4. Schedule of the Screening

Movie tickets can be bought in advance. This information provides the audience information on when they should get in the theater. Knowing the showing’s schedule can be beneficial for the viewer as it allows them to manage their activities as they wait for the movie start time. On the other side of the table, it allows ticket checkers to see if the tickets have lapsed or if they are viewing the movie in advance. In the case of allocated seating, it can at least prevent double seating.You may also read admission ticket templates.

5. Seat Number

This is special information found on tickets for showings with allocated seating. It ensures that no two customers have the same seat. This information can also iron out any arguments that will arise from two customers vying for one seat. You may also read banquet ticket designs.

6. Movie Run Time

This provides information on how long the movie is. It at least gives the audience a knowledge of the length of the movie. Such information is extremely useful to allow for them to estimate how long they will be holed up in the cinema. It is proper etiquette in the cinema to avoid using phones, and with the information of the movie’s runtime, they can let other people know that they cannot be contacted for this long.You may also see ticket layout templates.

7. Movie Rating or Certification

Not all movies are appropriate for all ages. Sometimes, a movie might be inappropriate for children without their parents. Sometimes, the movie is just plain inappropriate for children, with guardian or not This information can help ticket checkers to prevent such underaged audience to enter an inappropriate screening for their age.You may also see service tickets.

Movie Vintage Ticket Template


Other Things To Put on Movie Tickets

With the number of people going in and out of the cinema per day, a movie ticket’s design does not really need to be that elaborate. Tickets are, after all, torn or ripped by checkers upon being presented. This is done as a way to mark and confirm that that ticket has already been accepted and its owner, already admitted. That said, it would be a good idea to include a perforated line in the ticket stubs to give the checkers guidance of where to tear the paper. This can be done through printing or just simply using a perforated paper for the ticket stub. You may also see travel tickets.

For the case of special screenings and movie premieres, tickets can carry an elaborate design that is somehow related to the movie shown. These events can grow big, and even be historical especially if said movie is highly anticipated, or extremely hyped. The elaborate ticket can serve as some kind of souvenir for such an event. Some people do collect tickets, even those with the blandest designs. For these people, movies are a big part of their lives. As such tickets for big movie events can surely become a collector’s piece. You may also see entry ticket templates

Lastly, tickets can carry coupons or vouchers. Some cinema screens are located near shops and restaurants. These stores may partner up with the cinema as a way to advertise. Not only is it a good way to advertise a business,  it also provides a great incentive for moviegoers. You may also see luncheon ticket templates


The cinema is the undisputed home of movies. Movies are made for the cinema, and the cinema is made for the movie. The act of going to a movie screening is a communal experience that can be comparable to church-going (only for different reasons.) However, running a cinema is not something to easily scoff at. Not only is it really expensive, it also can be extremely chaotic. Imagine a huge number of people all inside a single, dark room. Imposing the order should be crucial. One way to help with this order is through the movie tickets.You may also see banquet ticket templates

These simple things are extremely useful. Not only do they allow admission to screens in an oderly fashion, they also can be used as a way to filter the audience, be it their age (younger audience going into a more mature movie), or if they are in the right screening. Simply put, a movie ticket is a physical proof of paying the price for admission.You may also see show ticket templates

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