Top PHP Nuke Templates & Themes

If you’re in planning to pull up a fully interactive website for your business or personal use but aren’t a pro at web design, well, lucky for you there is a vast collection of readymade PHP nuke templates that can help you accomplish your task rather quickly and easily. These templates are powered with system, themes manager for registered users, access stats page with a counter, surveys and web-based admin. You can also see Free PHP templates . You can download the free sample or the premium version from our collection and customize them according to your requirement. These templates also come with an integrated banner ads system, customizable HTML blocks and search engine optimization.

php nuke templates

Free PHP Nuke Template

free php nuke template
This PHP nuke template has easy navigation to user accounts, news, downloads and more with colourful backgrounds. It is optimized for search engines for easy spotting and works great on mobile devices.

PHP Nuke Template Free Download

php nuke template free download 788x
This PHP nuke template has easy access to home pages, auto theme, downloads, FAQs, feedback, search, private messages, web links, top ten, surveys, stories archive, submit news and more.

PHP Template Free Download

php template free download 788x
With its fascinating design this PHP nuke template provides a 3D effect. Its easy bootstrap based designs and easy user interface allows user friendly interactions on the site.

Templates PHP Nuke are thoughtfully Designed to Best User Interface

  • The great looks are combined with zoom and hover effect, animation and video.
  • Lazy loading delays loading of image and parallax gives a 3D effect.
  • Arrow and forms, buttons, navbars, menus and modular content provides ease of navigation and functionality. PHP gallery templated with ull width high definition images, when used in conjugation with these nuke templates, will catch your visitors’ attention instantly.