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16+ Science Brochure Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

A brochure design is a thick folded piece of paper that is used to carry information. This paper usually has a matte or glossy finish. They have been around for many years too, usually employed as marketing and corporate tools. The point of the brochure is to be convenient to pick up and carry and convince potential customers to take an action, which is ideally designed by you, the creator. You may also see education brochure.

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Science Bi-Fold Brochure Template

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Size: US, A4


Science Tri-Fold Brochure Template

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Size: US, A4


Free Science Brochure Template

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Size: US, A4

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However, they not limited to those purposes. For one, brochures can be used to educate. From mathematics to art, from history to music and literature, there are a thousand ways on how to use the brochure to educate its audience. You may also see library brochure templates.

Printable Science Brochure Design

Bundle Molecule Brochure

Science is one field where brochures can be used outside of the marketing typecast. Being such an encompassing field, science can use the brochure’s extensive reach and flexibility to its advantage. As a brochure is meant to be handed out and distributed, scientific and science brochures can be very handy in science fairs, science conventions, and scientific seminars. Distributing a brochure in this way, will not only make the brochure be used for education, it can also be used to market science and gauge interest for its readers to pursue a career in the scientific field. You may also see event brochure templates.

Multipurpose Trifold Brochure

Modern Medical Trifold Brochure

Science Molecule Brochure Template

Scientific Brochure Example

Advantages of a Brochure

The advantage of printing brochures is still relevant in this modern age of the internet. It’s hard to deny that there is a reason for the continuing existence of brochures. Be it in the marketing field or carrying an information, you can’t deny the effectiveness of a brochure. You may also see company brochure templates.

Some of these advantages include:

1. Brochures can fit loads of information in your pocket

Brochures are known for being compact in their message. If done well, brochures can give the reader a good idea of what the topic in the piece of folded paper is talking about. It is undeniable that smartphones and other electronic devices can carry more information than brochures. You may also see free brochure templates.

However, the information that a brochure carries will be focused and targeted. An effective brochure can condense the message it wants to convey in an understandable manner that is free from distraction. Besides, brochures don’t run on batteries and brochure certainly does not need the connection of an Internet for it to deliver its message. You may also see political brochure templates.

2. Brochures are handy

Brochures can be handed out at events. Brochures can be used on location. Brochures can even be mailed. Brochures are just extremely versatile in comparison to other print materials. These multifaceted x-factors of brochures are what makes printing multiples of them an easy decision to make. You just know that you can find a use for them in the future. You may also see sample marketing brochures.

3. Brochures are easy to distribute to a target audience

In the case of scientific brochures, they can be easily handed out to classrooms, science conventions, and during educational seminars. They can be a great source of supplementary lessons and information too. You may also see a4 business brochures.

4. Brochures are relatively cheap, especially when ordered in bulk

Due to its versatility, it is easy to make the decision to print brochures in bulk. Most companies also offer discounts when brochures are ordered and printed in bulk. Put two and two together and voila! You get your printed materials at a lower price. You may also see program brochures.

5. Brochures can capture the audience’s undivided attention

As mentioned above, the message a brochure can carry is focused and targetted. This means that once the brochure has been picked up and is in the hands of the reader, there will be very few things that the brochure needs to compete with to arrest readers’ awareness. This is very different from websites and dissemination of other electronic information as there will be no banner or pop up ads that bombard the user out of focus. You may also see free brochures.

6. Brochures have an easy referral system

The simplicity and tangibility of a brochure make it easy to pass down from one person to another. Even today, this old school type of referral still works. Its like word-of-mouth, only on paper. You may also see infographic brochures.

Simple Medicine Brochure Design

Science Trifold Brochure

Science Fair Tri-Fold Brochure

Science Tri-fold Brochure Example

Invention Brochure Example

Types of Brochure

Brochures define themselves from other printed marketing materials in that they are folded. Flyers and rack cards can be distributed by card racks or by hand, but it is only the brochure that has the folded attribute. As such, you can tell a brochure’s type by the way it is folded. The brochure’s fold is just not for aesthetics too. The way a brochure is folded will also tell how and where it will be used. Thus, a brochure fold is its form and function.

Trifolds and folds are the most common types of brochures. Science brochures can even be trifold and bifold brochures. However, if the topic you are discussing has multiple blocks of text, or it needs more space for its visual elements, then those types may not work for you. Below are the types of brochures according to their fold. Use them as a guide to help you decide which type of brochure will you go for your science brochure.

1. Half-Fold – These brochures are often used for simple business presentations

2. Classic Tri-Fold – These brochures are often used for compact pieces that are easy to read and unfold. The most famous type of all brochures.

3. Single Gate Fold – These brochures are often used for designs that are graphically heavy.

4. Double-Gate Fold – These brochures are mostly used for large presentations.

5. Z Fold – These brochures are often used for mailing and quick-glance handouts.

6. Die-cut Z Fold – These brochures are good for trade shows and booth handouts. These brochures can also be perfect for science fairs.

7. Four-Panel Fold – These brochures are often used for programs and promotional leaflets.

8. Four-Panel Accordion Fold – These brochures are often used for designs that are either text or information heavy. Accordion folds are so named due to their resemblance to accordions, especially to the button type accordions. You may also see the best travel brochures.

9. Four-Panel Roll Fold – These brochures are often used for tutorials or step-by-step information. Perfect for writing in simple scientific experiments instructions. You may also see watercolor brochure templates.

10. Five-Panel Accordion Fold – These brochures are the best types to use as travel brochures.

11. Tri-Fold + Half-Fold – These brochures are often used for newsletters, maps, diagrams, and charts. To make this fold, a brochure is vertically folded in half, then folded in the manner of a trifold. You may also see recruitment brochures.

12. Eight-Panel Roll Fold – These brochures are often used for promotional booklets. They are also perfect for short science magazines and other scientific materials.

13. Half-Fold + Half-Fold – These brochures are used for making invitation brochures. You can make these brochures by folding the material vertically in half, and then fold it horizontally in half, making an 8-page brochure. You may also see corporate brochures.

14. 16-Panel Fold – These brochures are often used for large presentations.

There are still more kinds of brochure aside from the fifteen mentioned above. You do not need to limit yourself and your brochure into one page of the paper. Brochures can be saddle-stitched to form a booklet. They can also be stapled on the creased edge, perfect bound like a paperback booklet. Picking the right fold to use on your brochure will take time and thought. You may also see resort brochures.

Although it is mentioned above that brochures are relatively cheap to print out, it is still a waste of resources if you print a batch that does not look good and does not serve your purpose. Not only that, it is also a waste of resources. So all in all, before printing your brochure, weigh in the types and format you want to use and lock it in. You may also see corporate training brochures.

Science Brochure Design Template

Vector Template of Science Brochure

Other Things to Bear in Mind

Below are a few more reminders when creating and writing content for your brochure. This applies not only to science brochures but also to brochures of other purposes. You may also see free tri-fold brochures.

  • Write in short sentences. A brochure has limited space. Such format does not allow for lengthy and verbose sentences.
  • If possible, use a bulleted list for the things you want to include in your brochure.
  • Make sure that your brochure will be as informative as possible.
  • Make use of white space. White space allows information found on your brochure to breathe. Not only does it make your brochure pleasing to look at, it also allows your reader’s eyes to rest a bit and provides an organic way to segment the information. You may also see medical brochure templates.
  • Make sure to use quality paper for printing. If you are hiring someone to print or ordering your brochures from a third party, make sure that they have experience in brochure printing. Just make sure that your brochures are printed well and printed fine. You may also see college brochures.
  • Keep your brochure’s format, style, and design as relatively simple as possible. Adding too many design elements can make it a bit messy and make it seem that it was designed by an unprofessional. You may also see word bi-fold brochures.

Science Technology Brochure Design


Brochures are not only used for marketing. They can also be used for the purpose of education. Science brochures are the ones which can be used for the purpose of education. Science brochures can be supplementary lessons to be used in classrooms and they are some of the best places to distribute them. Other places can include science fairs, science conferences, and seminars. The science brochure’s purpose is not only to educate but also to promote science as an interesting field of learning.

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