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220+ Calendar Templates

As much as your digital calendar is a unique piece of software installed on your smart device, calendar templates are still the rock-solid tools that you cannot do without for sure. A sample calendar template is a pre-designed calendar of the year. And the best thing is you can download the file for free.

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Because these calendars are in the digital format, you can tweak them if you like. Often times, though, you should always use the sample date tracking template as-is. Here is a list of the best calendar templates

Calendar Template Descriptions

> 2017 Calendar Template

The New Year is not even a month old yet. And that means you can still get the 2017 yearly calendar template and use it for date tracking. In the local goods store, the 2017 calendar will cost you a couple of bucks. Here, though, you can download the sample template for free and start tracking your dates immediately. (18+ 2017 Calendar Template)

> Appointment Calendar Template

The calendar template is a perfect one for serial entrepreneurs. Also, if you are a business executive, or a sales representative, or a CEO of a leading company, you will need this template to help you manage all your appointments. This file is important because it helps you to pre-plan all your meetings before attending any. (5+ Appointment Calendar Templates)

> Blank Calendar Template

Are you looking for a blank calendar template? If so, here is one that you can download for free. By using this sample file to manage your dates, you will save a lot of time as well as money on the job. This template is important for your business because it eliminates the need to spend time to create a template of your own from scratch. (33+ Blank Calendar Template)

> Calendar Agenda Template

One of the most significant aspects of business is you will call for important meetings more often. But before you can schedule your first gathering, you need to make sure you have an agenda for each month. To create a comprehensive agenda for every meeting without spending too much time on the task, you can use this agenda template. (8+ Calendar Agenda Templates)

What is a Calendar Template?

To understand what a calendar template is, you first need to understand the meaning of the term template. A template is a pre-designed document that you can download for free from the internet and use as is. The phrase ‘as is’ means printing the template and using it without making any design or content changes, although the principle doesn’t hold for all the free and premium templates out there.

In the heart of it all, templates were made to save you time and money. Especially if you do not have the skills or enough time to design them yourself. By using pre-made files, you are able to complete work faster and attend to important things on time.

> Calendar Timeline Template

Everyone who has a project they would like to work on based on a specific timeline will find this same template quite useful. Sample weekly calendars are usually top notch when it comes to tracking important timelines, but you can also go for monthly calendar templates. (8+ Calendar Timeline Templates)

> Content Calendar Template

If you are a blogger, this template is for you. The file is also known as an editorial calendar. Its purpose is to help you plan content, write the articles on time, and never miss a publication date. By doing so, you are able to get content to the eyes that truly matters in time. (8+ Content Calendar Templates)

> Excel Calendar Template

Excel Calendars may not be the templates that you are used to, but they are usually easy to use. More often than not, they are not easy to create from scratch. You could spend hours on the job and maybe end up disappointed. But to save you time, you can use the following sample file. (7+ Excel Calendar Templates)

> Marketing Calendar Template

Marketers will find this one useful. It makes sense to have a marketing calendar on your desk, for it helps with appropriate scheduling. If you must get the next best product to the eyes of the target consumers, then you need to have a scalable marketing calendar in place. Luckily, here is one that you can download. (9+ Marketing Calendar Template)

> Menu Calendar Template

This sample template is useful for planning meals. So if you are looking for a daily, weekly, or monthly meal planner, this template is definitely the best to choose. The sample template can be used by anyone who is looking for a menu-planning calendar. And it is the best file to download if you don’t have enough time to create one yourself. (10+ Menu Calendar Templates)

> Microsoft Calendar Template

The default calendars that come with Microsoft Publishers may not look good to the eyes. And if you are not a fan of the default design that Microsoft has, you may have to consider downloading high-quality calendar template for date tracking. Here is one powerful option that you can use. (38+ Microsoft Calendar Templates)

Calendar Templates by Definition

Now that you know what a template is, it should not be hard to define a calendar template. A calendar template is a premade calendar and it is always available for free download. Note, though, that some calendars are premium, which means you will have to pay for them before you can download. However, you can be sure that majority of the same calendars on the web today are available for free download. At least every template provided you on this page are available for free download.

Who should use the same calendar templates?

It is important to remember that these files are meant to help you track dates. That means anyone who has a need to track important dates can always use these same templates to do so. Calendar templates are always important for students and stay-at-home moms the same way they are to CEOs, business executives, and sales representatives. In other words, there are no limits to who should use these sample files for date tracking.

> Office Calendar Template

An office calendar is not something you should be creating from scratch anymore. You can download the sample template for free and then edit it if you like or just use it as is. Because this office calendar template has been built for you, you should find it valuable, especially because it is free. (7+ Office Calendar Templates)

> Payroll Calendar Template

This is a good template for the HR. They are almost always the ones responsible for tracking payrolls. The accounts team can use the template too. By using this sample date tracker from time to time, it should be easy to manage payrolls without spending too much time on the task. (10+ Payroll Calendar Templates)

> PowerPoint Calendar Template


One of the powerful benefits of this sample template is that it is easy to tweak. It means you can edit the file even after download. But if you are the kind of person who would rather not make changes to the design, you can always use the same template as is. There is nothing wrong with that. (8+ PowerPoint Calendar Template)

How to create a Calendar Template

Can one still create the same calendar template?

Creating your calendar template is somewhat a task that begs for this question. And the answer is quite simple. While there are people who prefer digital downloads to creating the templates from scratch, some people are just the opposite. Some prefer designing their own templates, so it is important to read this short guide.

  1. To create a calendar template, first choose the type of calendar you want to create: You can create any calendar in minutes. But it will be a useless calendar template if you don’t have an objective in mind. So, the first thing you do before using your favorite design tool is to choose the type of calendar that you would like to create. Sometimes, a targeted calendar template is better than a general calendar template.
  1. To create the best calendar template, determine the duration of the calendar: It is important to remember that a date range is a significant aspect to pay attention to while creating a calendar template. For many people, the calendars are most likely to be yearly. But what if you are not interested in annual calendar templates? Well, the best thing you can do is to be more specific.
Here are calendar samples that you can create
  • Daily calendar template: this is an important file because it helps you track daily activities. It is usually shorter, and it might take you a lot of time to manage it. Regardless, it is always efficient than a general calendar.
  • Weekly calendar template: to manage your work based on the seven days a week principle, use a weekly calendar template. The file helps you to plan your next seven days today.
  • Monthly calendar template: if you want to stay organized throughout the month, and do things the right way without wasting time, consider creating this sample template.

4. Lastly, use any of the following tools to create your calendar template

  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Keynote for Mac

> Printable Weekly Calendar Template

A printable weekly calendar template is the best file to use if you prefer tracking activities based on weekly deadlines. And this file doesn’t have a specific user. In fact, anyone who has the urge to track dates on a weekly basis can get the most out of this sample file. (18+ Printable Calendar Templates)

> School Calendar Template

Are you a student struggling to create a suitable personal studies guide? The best way to get around this problem is to have a school calendar template in place. By using this file, you can create a lesson plan for every discipline in your class. Moreover, you are able to keep organized throughout the term. (10+ Sample School Calendar Templates)

> Social Media Calendar template

Social media is more than just a platform where you connect with new friends. The platforms also give you the opportunity to market your products. But to do so the right way, you should have the best social media calendar template. This is a child document of the social media marketing template. (7+ Social Media Calendar Templates)

> Travel Calendar Template

Many people who use travel calendar templates never miss their travel. At the end of the day, they are able to use the same template to make necessary travel arrangements, so you should also do the same. Here is a template that you can download for free and use as is. (7+ Travel Calendar Templates)

> Weekly Calendar Template

A lot of people use monthly calendar templates, but there is actually a weekly calendar sample that you can download and use for free. This file is easy to edit, and you can even change the design if you like. But if you would like to save time, you should just use it as is. (8+ Weekly Calendar Templates)

> Workout Calendar Template

Are you looking forward to starting exercising soon? The best thing to do would be to have a workout calendar template. The weekly calendar samples are often the best. You can also go for daily activity tracking calendars if you like. But this one should get you started the right way anyway. (5+ Workout Calendar Templates)

How to create a training calendar sample

Do you need a training calendar?

Before you can create, customize, and start using a training calendar template, you need to ask yourself this question. If you are serious about training and are you sure you need this, the answer will likely be a yes. And now that you know you need this for sure, it is important to create the best calendar that can help you exercise the without straining.

  1. To create a suitable training calendar, determine your free time: You won’t go training anytime you want. Even if you are self-employed, chances are you always have a tight schedule on a daily basis. So, if you must create the best training calendar, consider the dates and times when you are most likely free.
  1. To create the best training calendar sample, align your schedule with that of a personal trainer: If you are going to work with a personal trainer, then you must align your schedule with theirs. Many personal trainers are always available in the morning, afternoon, or in the evening. As such, these are the best times of the day when you should create your training calendar.
  1. To create the best training calendar, consider using a sample template: Creating a calendar template from the ground up is not always an easy task. So it is best to make sure you download the same template instead. Then, you can customize the template and then print it for use.

With many calendar templates already mentioned, you now have a list of files that you can download for free and use straight out of the box. If you don’t like creating anything from scratch, a calendar template being one of them, you will find these same templates useful for sure. 

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