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Contingent Worker Worksheet Templates

Having a job is part of the adult life. The purpose of having to find and get work is many. From having money to travel the beautiful places around the world, or just to simply pay the bills at home. That is what jobs can do. They provide money for the input and quality we do. But one job sometimes cannot provide all the things that we want personally, and what we need at home for the benefit of our family. That is one of the factors why people work two jobs at the same time or work part-time jobs. One type of part-time job we are going to tackle about here is being a contingent worker. You may also see printable budget worksheet templates.

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So what is exactly a contingent worker? We will be providing you the answers to that question along with templates to guide in understanding a little bit more of its meaning and a structure of its worksheet. Apart from that, we will also be listing the advantages and the disadvantages of being a contingent worker for a company or an employer. If you’re looking for a simple part-time job, this article’s information about being a contingent worker might help you rethink or go with that decision

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Contingent Work for Hire Worksheet

Being a Contingent Worker

Before we will give you the advantages and disadvantages of being a contingent worker for a company or for anybody, we will first give you the general definition of what a contingent worker is. A contingent worker is someone who works for an employer for a limited amount of time. They temporarily work for someone who assigns them to do something for a period of time. In a sense, they are often called or understood to be as freelancers. With this, they are given a job that they are an expert on. He or she does not receive benefits like the regular employees do and they are paid on a piecework basis. They have the option to work onsite or remotely. They are usually hired on a per project basis a company would open. Once they are done, they may leave and might be called back if another project comes fort. Contingent workers have more control over the work they do rather than the regular employees. You may also see printable worksheets.

The company or the employer would not focused on how the work is being done, but on the end quality that the contingent worker has finished. Two of the best examples of a contingent worker is the freelance writers, who are hired to probably continue an upcoming novel and construction workers, who work for a corporation that is planning to build a new monument to continue their business transactions.

Advantages and Disadvantages of being a Contingent Worker

As you may have read and understood, being a contingent worker is probably one of the easiest part time jobs you can do since doing it requires you to be an expert in your field. Well, that may be true but it does not hide the fact that being a contingent worker also has its disadvantages. In this part of the article, we will be providing you a list of its advantages and as well as its disadvantages to letting you rethink of your decision if ever you want to divulge into this kind of work someday. Here are the advantages and disadvantages:

1. Advantages

  • Taxes. If a company would have a contingent employer or contingent workforce, the employer would not have to worry about collecting and paying their taxes. This is due to the fact that their employees are freelancers and are under no legal contractual obligations. You may also see worksheet templates for a teacher.
  • No Benefits are given. This means good news to the employer as he does not have to spend to buy or have any legal agreement to give benefits to the future for the contingent worker.
  • Flexible hours. Being a contingent worker, you do not have the obligation to wake up early in the morning, get stuck in traffic and be pressured by the time to finish a task in one day. Instead, you can choose what time to wake up and what time to do your work. You may also see project worksheet templates.
  • Work Anywhere. As a contingent worker, you’re not obliged to go to the office. You have actually the option to just work at home and even work at a bed, just as long as your content is good.
  • You’re in control. This solely means that you don’t answer to anyone but yourself. Even if your employer would tell you to finish a task, it is up to you how you will finish it unless the employer is really strict in giving his instructions. You may also like event planning worksheet templates.
  • Your field of expertise. Since you are working on something that you are skilled at or love doing, you are more likely to finish the job fast and with quality. This is not a surprise since it is something familiar and it is in the line of your comfort zone.

2. Disadvantages

  • Scam. As a freelancer, you have the risk of not getting paid especially if the employer is not credible enough. That is why it is always important if one is credible through asking for more information about him or her so that you won’t have to regret working for him or her in the future. You may also see payroll worksheet templates.
  • No Benefits. If you are a freelance worker, you are not entitled to receive any payments. This is for the reason that you were not signed as a full-time worker in the company workforce. You are only present for a project based assignment. You may also see kid’s worksheet templates.
  • Income and workload are inconsistent. Since you are a contingent worker, you might get paid high in one project but paid less in another one. This inconsistency would affect how you save per project since you would not know how much the employer would pay unless the quality you have submitted is what he expected or even more. You may also see inventory worksheet templates.
  • Clients to entertain. Since the range of payment is inconsistent, you have to be the one to find your clients and as much as possible, have multiple. This might be beneficial since you will receive a big amount in the end, but loads of tasks to be done can be very stressful and unhealthy. This is especially applicable to freelance writers who have to change their writing style because of the different approaches the clients want you to take and write about. You may also see vocabulary worksheet templates.

The Worksheet

I am pretty sure you have seen the first contingent worker worksheet. Some employers require you to at least give a little bit of information about yourself. It is basically like the employee contract worksheet but in a simpler form. The following are just the things you have to fill out:

  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Type of Contingent Worker
  • Date of Birth
  • Country of Birth
  • Gender
  • Education Level
  • Marital ¬†Status
  • Home Address
  • Personal Number
  • Email

Know your limits

With all the advantages and disadvantages we have given you, the point is that you have to know your limits. If you really do want to have another backup plan in case your current job does not pay good, try to be a contingent worker. But to be in a work that best suits your talents and skills. This does not only reduce the stress factor you will face when you start to work, but it helps you enjoy working on another level. Nothing is much sweeter like getting paid by doing something you love to. With this, it can also help you finish things faster and not reducing its quality. But always remember that you are not Superman, you are a human being. Don’t exhaust yourself to the point that you have forgotten other responsibilities in the full-time job you are in. You might be doing something you love but always try to find time for yourself and for the people who matter to you. You may also see worksheet templates.

Being engrossed at work so much can have a relational effect with the people close to your heart. Again, know your limits. Give yourself a break sometimes and go out and treat yourself or your friends or even better, your family. Having a good part-time job and still having the time to be with family is a good life that most people fail to recognize especially for workaholics. You may also see work sheet templates.

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