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11+ Freelance Writer Website Themes & Templates

Freelance writing is both an art and a business. Art in a sense that it lets your creativity flow endlessly. Business in a way that you write for money. More and more people are venturing into freelance writing for easy money and ease of work schedule. They have to build a steady and credible reputation to their clients to get more jobs. It usually leads to have a good professional relationship which can last for years.

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The term “freelance writer” has been used in so many ways. A company may hire you part-time to write marketing content. A media company, specifically newspaper and magazines, may also get you to do some lighter field work compared to other journalists. Others write whatever content their client needs to be done. All of these writing projects are done in a contractual basis. It does not even need a degree in writing. You just have to know how to play with words. You may also like the writer HTML5 themes.

Some freelancers have their own websites. This is to reach out more to their clients or post their writings online. There are many website templates available for freelance writers. If you are one of them and you don’t have a website yet, it’s about time to make one. Take a look at our collection and see what suits your taste.

Freelance Blog WordPress Theme

Writer/Author Responsive Website Template

Responsive Freelance Website Template

Freelance Writer’s Essentials

Going freelance is a huge risk to take. You are leaving the comforts of having a regular job and exploring into an unknown world. Feeling a certain kick of fear and anxiety is just normal. Perfection is not required in this field of work, only improvement and constant hunger to learn.

A freelance writer does not just write right away without getting a few things on his hands. Here are some essentials writers need to start embarking on the world of freelance writing:

1. Kind of Work

While starting on your journey as a freelance writer for the first time, you would think about the kind of work you would do and how much you’ll get paid. Another thing to worry is the write ups you are going to show. The best thing to do about this is a search for freelancing job on the internet. A multitude of freelance jobs can be seen in there. It ranges from marketing, science, politics, and culture. Choose one that matches your skills and background. You may also see the writers website themes.

2. Rates

Rates in the freelance writing industry are done in many ways. Some clients charge your writing on a per project basis, hourly rate, down payments and per page. Do not expect to get paid big time if you are still starting out as a freelance writer. You get paid low and it gradually increases as you sharpen your skills and build a good relationship with your clients. Once you get past the starting phase, you get to enjoy the pay clients give you. On your part, you have to write quality articles. You may also see the writer PHP themes.

3. Write-up Samples

Depending on what they’re looking for, go through your sample write-ups and see what you can find. Match it up with the writing job you want to have. Compile your write-ups and show them when the client needs to read it. This will increase your chances of getting the job. You may also see the writer PSD themes.

4. Resumes

More often than not, clients will look for your resume to know more about your background and writing experiences. Prepare a resume that sums up your achievements and experiences in your previous jobs. Do not be afraid of not having any written samples. Experience in freelance writing will teach you that. You may also like the copywriters WordPress templates.

Writer WordPress Theme

Professional WordPress Theme for Writers

Modern Writer Theme

Hand-Crafted Ghost Theme for Authors

Creator Tumblr Theme

Simple Tumblr Writer Theme


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Author Theme for WordPress

Minimalist WordPress Theme

Kinds of Freelance Writing

When one thinks of freelance writing, it’s about writing for clients. However, there is a wide range of topic writers write about. Writers can choose from any of these without limiting their creativity. These kinds of writing take on different styles and tones as well. You may also like the writers and authors WP themes.

Whatever kind of content it is, writers give their best shot while working on their own schedules. Here are some of the kinds of freelance writing:

1. Content Writing

Content writing is basically any content written for the internet. It is a formally written content and follows a professional tone. Content writing includes lists, templates, outlines, and how-tos. This kind of writing is more commonly used for business websites.

2. Blogging

Blogging is a semi-formal kind of writing that is somewhat used as a marketing ploy. Bloggers often go into blogging to indirectly endorse a product and promote an event or a tourist attraction. Blogging has a power of forming a community that shares the same passion with you. You may also like the personal website themes.

3. Copywriting

Copywriting is writing content for marketing and promotion purposes. This kind of writing elicits a reaction from the readers. It promotes a product or event in a few words. Copywriting also includes writing press kits and informational brochures involving products and people.

4. Proposal Writing

Also called “grant writing”, proposal writing is about writing proposals and dealing with the budget, financial aspects, and research areas. Proposal writers also write about letters and packages related to it.

5. Technical Writing

Technical writing is writing about a specific topic in a specialized field. This includes science, technology, legal matters and others. Technical writers often write instructional manuals, government reports on a certain issue or “white papers”, and other related documents. You may also see the cool website themes.

6. Essay Writing

This kind of writing is very broad. It takes on any topic and often includes the author’s argument over an issue. Essays can also be a slice of life story or a short anecdote that leads to a bigger picture. Essays can be educational or persuasive depending on the topic. You may also see the responsive website themes.

7. Journalistic Writing

Journalistic writing is based on facts and is written in a simple language. It is available for everybody’s consumption. It can range from news, features, and columns. Freelance journalists can also write feature stories for magazines about people, events, places, and trends. You may also like the news website themes.

8. Fiction

Fiction writing is a product of the writer’s imagination. It can be a short story or a series broken down into chapters. Fiction writers draw the readers into their story by writing engaging plots filled with several twists. Genres of fiction can be romance, crime, thriller, melodrama, and comedy. Sometimes a fusion of two or more genres makes the whole series exciting. You may also see the eCommerce website themes.

9. Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting is writing on someone else’s behalf. You do the writing and let them take up the credit. Some industries go into this for a number of reasons. You may also like the single page website themes.

10. Analytical Writing

Analytical writing is about interpreting a certain material and writing about it. Newspaper columns, movie, and book reviews are part of this. Analytical writing requires deeper understanding on the material to be interpreted. You may also see the Google website themes.


Freelance writing comes with perks and sweats. It allows you to have a flexible schedule and work anywhere as long as your computer works and the internet connection is stable. You don’t have a boss to check in to so it’s no hassle. You can have your day off anytime as long as you meet your deadlines. You may also like the art gallery website templates.

This kind of job enables you to work with multiple clients. It trains you to deal with different kinds of people with different kinds of demand. In a way, it will hone your writing skills that are useful in the future. Some clients are good while some are not that good. Writing and rewriting is a common grind. You are solely accountable to your success and failure while making money out of freelance writing. You may also see the free business themes.

Freelance writing is a good way to improve your writing skills and go out of your comfort zone. There is so much more to it than just writing for clients. It enhances your knowledge on several topics. Do not lose your passion to write and never stop writing. You may also like the one-page website themes.

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