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5+ Emergency Information Form Templates – PDF

One of the most beautiful things about life is it’s “sudden moments”. “Sudden Moments” like in a split second, you get a call from the HR saying that you have to go to the manager’s office. You get in, your hands are shaking and you think of all the negative possible reasons why your boss called you to his domain. As he turns his/her chair looking at you, your heart drops. He/She then would lean in and smile saying “Congratulations”, You are getting a promotion.”. “Suddenly” all negative vibes go away and you just would feel ecstatic and in complete euphoria. You may also see contact sheet templates.

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Life has many of those “sudden moments” that make us feel happy. But there are also “sudden moments” that would hurt you. I mean like literally hurt you, from the inside and out. These moments are what we call disasters. Disasters can be avoidable and sometimes not. When disasters strike you in the office, may it be an injury or an office collapse, an important information form will be used to contact your loved one. This is the Emergency Contact Form. So, what is this form all about and made up? Luckily, we will answer those questions in the next paragraphs, so stick around because we will also be displaying sample templates of the form if ever you are also planning to make this form for your employees.

Organization Emergency Contact Form

School Emergency Contact Form

What is an Emergency and an Emergency Contact Information?

An emergency is an unexpected disaster situation that can occur any time of the day needing immediate action. That immediate action means to ask for help or to get help in the fastest way possible since the emergency might be a life and death situation. In an event of a disaster, your co-workers would be there to help you or even the security and the medics. With the fact that people around you are going to help you, it is a good thing. But it is often after the disaster happens and you’re already confined in the hospital, is where the real “Assistance” would take place. This “assistance” is shown when family members gather up and visit you in the hospital with their gifts and concerns to give you emotional help. I mean, we have to admit that we all need someone to look after us sometimes. So, how would they know if you’re already in the hospital or something bad has happened to you? That can be answered in the next paragraph. You may also see the employee emergency notification forms.

So obviously, the answer is the Emergency Contact Form. The Emergency contact form is an important form that should be required by the company or an organization, to their employees to complete and fill-up. This will be used to contact family members or friends to notify them of what happened to you in an event of a disaster or a slight accident. If the HR is fast enough to contact the persons, the quicker the victim (injured employee) would be attended to in the hospital later in the day. Above and below are templates for what compromises of an emergency information form.

Employee Emergency Information Form

Athlete Emergency Information Form

Elements of an Emergency Information Form

Just like any other forms, there are important details you should fill up truthfully especially in this form. The following are the elements that make up an emergency information form that is present generally in all companies, institutions, and organizations. Take note of this if you’re really planning to make an emergency information form for your company or for the company you work for:

1. Basic Information about yourself.  Your name, address, contact number, your position in the workplace, zip code and email address compromises of this. In your paper, you should note to let the employee fill up all the blank spaces and make sure to review them all before they submit. You may also see the background check information forms.

2. Primary Emergency Contact Information. Place this in your worksheet after the employee’s personal info. This is where the employee would put the name of the go-to person to contact if ever something bad happens to him. The information to be placed are more or less the same as the employee’s personal information.

3. Secondary Emergency Contact Information. So, why do you need to fill-up a secondary emergency contact information? This is for the purpose that in an unlikely situation when the primary contact person is not available to aid the employee or cannot be reached, at least the HR can contact the next person in line who could be there for the employee. The information that is to be filled up is the same as the primary emergency contact information.

4. Third Emergency Contact Information. This is necessary if both emergency contact persons are not available to be with the employee to help later on in the day. Before filling up the form, the HR should instruct the employees to put the names of the people who they trust and are always ready to respond to their needs to avoid another disaster and that is when all of the employee’s emergency contact persons are not responding or are not available. You may also see HR complaint forms.

5. Doctor’s/Dentist’s Contact Information: This can be part of the emergency information form. This would make the HR’s job easier and would know what are the right medications the employee should take on an event of an allergy attack or anything health related. It can also be used if the employee has a dental problem and he/she forgot what to do when situations like that happen to him/her suddenly in the office or anywhere.

6. Employees Signature. This is where the employee should put his/her name and sign it to indicate that all the information stated in the form are true and that they are real. If one’s emergency contact, may it be the first, the second or the third’s personal information has changed, it is hereby important that the employee should ask the HR to give him/her the form again or make a new one and make the necessary changes. You may also see the free HR complaint forms.

Student Emergency Information Form

Child Emergency Information Form

Always Prepare

In order to be safe or try to avoid major injuries to yourself, get to know yourself more. This includes knowing where your limits are and how healthy your body is. This is important because not everyone, including the ones we trust our lives with, can be there for us. That is one of the saddest realities in life when the people we trust the most are not at all times there. Be your own “Emergency Information Form” and learn to take of yourself. Don’t always depend on others. Sometimes, it’s good to be an independent person who has a great amount of self-support towards himself. But he/she must also keep in mind that one of the greatest self-support is when one lets go of one’s own ego and actually has the strength to ask for help in one of life’s most constant things; it’s “sudden moments”. You may also like the excel form templates.

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