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How to Create an Outlook Newsletter Template

If you want some options for making your own newsletters, it might help to use a newsletter template that could help you with that endeavor. While you can find and use some simple newsletter templates available online, it might be prudent to know how to make your own Outlook newsletter templates.

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This could give you more options concerning how you want to make your resulting newsletter since you can decide every detail of the template proper. This also gives you a basic resource that you can reuse for each new issue of the newsletter you have to make, to say nothing of your ability to export your template for use by other people if need be.

How to design your own Outlook newsletter templates

When it comes to designing your own Outlook newsletter templates, you would need to start with some of the basic steps. After all, your task here is to make a usable framework for yourself, so if you want to make any edits, that would have to come later. Some of the most vital steps include:

Open Outlook and select New email

Outlook’s actual purpose is to help you write your emails. However, it can also be used to make email newsletters, so you may be able to find a use for the best Outlook email templates you can find. In your case, for making your own template, you would need to open New email so that you could start formatting the email properly.

Choose a theme for your newsletter

You may also want to give your newsletter a particular theme to suit your purposes. This can help to make a specific impression on your recipients, so this can be an effective measure for your template. If you do want to include a theme, first go to the File tab, then select Options. From there, select Stationery and fonts, then click on Theme. That should give you a number of basic themes to choose from so that you can design your template to suit whatever purpose you may have in mind. You may also take inspiration for your theme from some Word newsletter templates online so that you can have a better idea of what you want.

Organize the different parts of your email newsletter

For the main body of your newsletter, you need to organize all the different sections so that you can give yourself a guide for actually writing the newsletter. Type the titles of each section of your newsletter on a different line. This can include such sections as Greeting, Title, Body, and so on. These titles are meant to be placeholders for your printable HTML email template so that you have a guide for each section when writing the final newsletter. You may also elect to modify the font of each line as needed so that you can segregate different sections more easily.

Save your template

In order to save your template, you need to click on File, then click on Save as. On the type list, choose Outlook template to save the file as your template. Then you can decide on the name of the file, so be sure to choose a name that can make it easier for you to find that particular template when needed. This also allows you to differentiate between templates if you ever make more than one template.

Click New forms to find your newsletter template for later

When you want to make your own newsletters, click the New items menu, then select More items, then Choose form. That will give you a dialog box where you have to click the Look in menu and select User templates in file system. From there, you should be able to find all the templates you have made, such as Christmas email newsletter templates.

With this, you should have the basic tools to make your own newsletter templates on Outlook. If you encounter any simple HTML email templates in the future, you may be able to use them to make more than just simple emails. After all, this may well give you more options for interacting with your client base so as to attract them to your company.

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