7 Best Inventory Management Practices


One of the biggest issues of a startup business is the lack of resources. If you are an entrepreneur who is just starting up a new business, it is important to be wise in your decision making because it can greatly impact the resources you currently have. Any wrong move can potentially lead to business failure, most especially if you do not have enough resources to compensate for the loss.

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So what your company needs is an effective inventory management to help you monitor and allocate your resources wisely and properly. One of the ways to ensure effective inventory is by using our collection of inventory templates. They are available for free download and are ready to use.

In this article, you will learn not only the importance of proper inventory management but we will also provide a rundown of the best practices to make inventory management successful.


Importance of Good Inventory Management

Business experts considered inventory as a major company asset as it aids in its overall planning and budgeting process. Thus, keeping and maintaining effective inventory records can be used as a powerful management tool that is beneficial for the company.

Avoids Potential Stockouts

One of the worst thing that can happen in a business is running out of stock and sending away customers who are willing to pay for your products. Oftentimes, stockouts do not only result in loss of revenue, but you will also potentially lose a loyal customer. Customers will think that you are unreliable because you do not take proper inventory of your products and that you are not able to meet their demands. Feel free to download our printable inventory templates for your convenience.

Prevents Overstocks

Taking inventory management for granted often leads to an overstock of products. Unlike the stockouts, overstocking items can cause another set of problems. Come to think about it, the longer the item stays in your warehouse, the higher its chances are of remaining there. There is also a huge possibility that overstock products lose its quality over time. That is why you will be forced to write it off or sell them at a discounted price. You can use our storage inventory templates to make sure that this is not going to happen.

Helps Maintain a Working Capital

Acquiring an inventory can be costly. Let us say that you purchased a $10 item from a supplier. To maintain a working capital, you will need to sell it as fast as you can not only to recoup your expenses but also to make a profit.


Best Inventory Management Practices

One of the most common challenges faced by startup companies is how to manage and maintain good inventory, especially if the supplies are continuously increasing. Effective inventory management ensures that you are able to fulfill the demands of your customers and prevent any potential loss of profits.

So what are the ways to help you master this vital skill in your business? The solution to your problem is to follow the best practices in inventory management.

1. Categorize

One of the smart practices of a good inventory management is to sort out valuable items from those that have low value. The main goal of categorizing your inventory is to make sure that there is always space available for high-quality and valuable items. Make sure to download our inventory management templates.

2. Consider various management models.

Take some time to look into the different ways of inventory management and research about how each works. Being able to choose the right management model can make your inventory more effective and successful.

3. Plan

Planning is always a crucial thing whatever type of business you have. Once you are able to determine the best inventory management option, the next step is to develop a plan. It is important to understand that inventory is not just an operational effort, but it should also include the different departments in your company, such as the marketing, e-commerce, and merchandise.

4. Study the demands of your customers.

Being able to determine the daily demands of your customers is a great way to ensure that you prevent the possibility of stockouts and overstocks. You will also need to study the fluctuation of demands due to different factors, such business trends, seasonality, and economic status.


Templates and Samples

We bet that you are probably reading this article because you are looking for an effective solution to your inventory problems. Feel free to download our free inventory templates or you can check out the following samples below:


Application Inventory Template

application Download


Daily Inventory Template

daily Download


Data Inventory Template

data Download


Blank Inventory Checklist Template

blank inventory checklist template in word 1 788x1020 Download


Office Inventory Template

office Download


Shipping Inventory Template

shipping Download


Equipment Inventory Template

equipment inventory list template page 001 788x609 Download

Concluding Thoughts

You should always view the inventory of your product as cash. Without proper management, you will soon realize how much money you lost in the long run. To ensure profitability of your business, always follow the best practices in inventory management. Make sure to check out the daily inventory templates and the product inventory templates on our website.

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