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Employees sometimes get the feeling of wanting to go somewhere new because they have been stagnant in their careers for quite a while. It does not really hit them until they get bored of doing the same routine every day. Some people can tolerate being stuck in the same place while there are others who do not like a steady process flow and prefer to ride on rougher waves.

When the boredom and the routine get to be too much, that is when an employee finally decides to go looking for new adventures in greener pastures. There would also be times when an employee leaves a company due to a promotion, demotion, or termination. And when that employee’s position becomes vacant, it is up to Human Resources to find a suitable replacement or reclassify the job as needed. At these times, a position request form is used to manage the vacant position, whether to make some changes to its job description or totally replace it. There are a lot of things to consider in filing this type of form, so take note of the following when filing an application.

Blank Position Request Form

blank position request form uis.edu

Excel Format Position Request Form

excel format position request form hr.niu.edu

Full-time Position Request Form

full time position request form lehman.cuny.edu

When does a position become vacant?

The position only becomes vacant when an employee has been promoted or demoted, or the employee has resigned or has been terminated. A promotion letter can generate a chain reaction because when one employee is promoted, the vacant position is filled with an employee of a lower rank. When that lower rank employee leaves his/her position, then another position becomes vacant and so on.

What is the difference between a new position and a vacant position?

A vacant position is one that was previously filled by an employee. The position then became empty due to the employee’s promotion, demotion, termination, or resignation. A new title may be bestowed to a vacant position when:

  • An existing position is changed to the extent that it requires a different job classification
  • An added position is newly budgeted and has a different nature of work from the vacant position

When these conditions apply, a new position could come into being. However, this does not mean that a new position only comes to exist because of a vacant one. It can be created independent of any vacant positions based on a particular business need.

How to apply for a change of position

You must fill out a check request form in order to apply for a change of job position. This can be available in the Human Resource office or the department where you work. If the form is not available in these two offices, ask the head or secretary of the department where you can find it. Once you are able to get a copy of the form, fill it out with the necessary data and include the required documents in your submission, if there are any.

Which version of the position request form should you obtain?

There are usually offline and online versions of the position request form, but it depends on what is available or provided by the office in charge of it. For those that can obtain both versions, choose which one is  more convenient for you. Online versions are advantageous for those who are more familiar with using computers. If you are more old-school, you can opt for the offline version.  But you might find it inconvenient to submit the offline version, though. Meanwhile, an electronic form can be easily obtained by accessing the website or the file through the Internet, and a simple click on the ‘submit’ button is all you need for the final step.

Are there any rules or conditions that need to be followed?

Rules differ from one institution to another. Properly orient yourself with the conditions before applying for it. Make sure that you have followed every condition and that all the required details and documents are included before you submit your application. If there are rules or conditions you are not familiar with, ask for more information.

Does a form from a certain institution have the same format as the others?

No, it does not. Take note that each institution has its own set of requirements. One institution might require you to state your anticipated salary for your desired position, but the other one might not. It depends on what information the institution needs to validate your request. So, make sure that you acquire the form from your department in your institution so there will be no hiccups during the application.

Human Resource Services Position Request Form

human resource services position request form sunymaritime.edu

New Position Request Form

new position request form oakland.edu

Faculty Position Request Form

faculty position request form wssu.edu

Health Care Position Request Form

health care position request form camdenhealth.org

Common important details to fill out in the position request form

The important details to be filled out in the form can also vary from one institution to another. Despite the differences, though, they do require some similar information. If applying for changing the vacant position, the decision is partly based on the provided details, so you must be careful to include the right ones. Take a look at the important details below and take note of all of them.

Justification for the request

Provide a valid and convincing justification for the application. Why should there be a request for a change in position? Does the current one have any problem? Are there solutions being considered to solve the problem? Explicitly state the reasons behind such a decision. State the good side and the bad, so you can weigh things out from different perspectives.

Another thing that can be included in the statement template is the skills set. If the required skills set can back up the request, then the more likely the request would be granted. Just make sure that the skill set matches the new position. Otherwise, it will not turn out well.

Previous position and salary

This is an obvious one. They need to know the previous position and its corresponding salary since the information can serve as a critical factor to grant the request. If employees are very dedicated to their work and their salary does not justify the amount of effort they have exerted, maybe the administration will realize that they have been wasting the employees’ service with an insufficient salary.

Anticipated salary

Stating the anticipated salary could also give an insight as to how the employees’ service should be rewarded. Of course, it has to be realistic. The best thing that can be done about this is to ask people whose position has a similar nature of work. Get an estimate or range of the salary, then it can be negotiated should the occasion arise.

There are other important details as well, but these can vary on each form. The important thing to keep in mind is to read the form carefully to avoid making any mistakes.

Visiting Professorial Position Request Form

visiting professorial position request form mmu.ac.uk

Vacant Faculty Position Request Form

vacant faculty position request form marquette.edu

Simple Position Request Form

simple position request form eforms.siu.edu

Things to remember

  • Whichever form you pick, always read the details carefully.
  • Avoid missing out on the required details to fill out. These are usually marked with an asterisk (*) so you would know which are the important ones.
  • Avoid erasures as much as possible. It will look messy and it will make a negative impression on whoever reads your form.
  • If there are any required documents, file them neatly and put them in a folder or in an business envelope. You do not want to hand out wrinkled documents as these will make you look careless and unprofessional.
  • Be careful about the color of the pen that you use. Some might not care whatever the color is, but there are forms that specifically instruct you which color to use.
  • If there are rules or conditions in filling out the form, please read them carefully. You do not want to go back to the office and ask for another form.
  • Submit the form on or before the deadline. Submitting it late could put you at a disadvantage, so be mindful of the time.

You can use any form from this list as a reference. Keep the tips we mentioned in mind and you should have an easy time when making or filling out position request forms.

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