17+ Investigation Report Templates

For any official investigation regarding any complaints or violations, a police report template will be the most practical tool to have where it can be seen in an example format so you can make use of it anytime you need one as a law enforcer. It will show you the whole categories and spaces needed to be filled up to have the trail of the events to have any evidence and witnesses that can solve the case,

The sample report template is made in a prescribed manner to make it legal in format, so any information written in it can be used against any person involved in the crime; any valid data and statements are easily organized and arranged using this template.

Editable Workplace Investigation Report Template


Generic Accident Report Template


Template for Formal Report


Workplace Incident Report in Word


Professional Report Template in iPages


Crime Scene Investigation Report Template

fbi.gov Creating a crime scene investigation report takes time and effort. You have to write down all the essential details in a professional manner, to make it authentic. This template describes about the procedures one must do upon their arrival at the crime scene. It also describes about the policy and principle.

Investigation Report Format Download

iapa.ca This is a sample investigation report format by industrial accident prevention association. It has columns to report illness, property damage, and other issues. You can also take a note on the occurrence of accident. This is a detailed form, prepared to collect maximum valuable information from the site of the accident.

Sample Grievance Investigation Report Template

suffolk.learningpool.com The cases of grievance are rising day by day. You can keep this template with you for preparing investigation reports. This report summarizes the case in a professional manner. One will be able to understand all about the investigation, by looking at this summary. It contains details such as complainant's name, occupation, date of registering the complaint, location, and the date of investigation.

Investigation Report Form Free Download


Free Fire Investigation Report Template

gov.uk This is a sample of fire investigation report template. The preliminary investigation report is one of the toughest document you have to prepare, after a fire accident. This report will eliminate all the impossible causes first, so that the actual investigation team can focus on possible reasons of fire only.

Employee Investigation Report Template Sample Download


Sample Credit Investigation Report Template


Confidential Investigation Report Template Example


Free Internal Investigation Report Sample Download


Sample Presentence Investigation Report Template


Sample Incident Investigation Report Template


Sample Bullying Investigation Report Template


> Uses and Purpose of Investigation Report Templates

If you are a police officer or an insurance agent, you will need these types of templates. Such investigation templates will help you to deal with the preliminary examination quite professionally. You won’t forget anything, because every important thing will be in the template report. For example, if you are going to investigate a fire accident, you must download an investigation report template from here. It will have every type of questions and columns related with the accident. You will be able to pin point the exact reason, after reading the inferences recorded in the report. These are extremely useful.

Target Audience of Investigation Report Templates

Investigation is the part of all professional establishments. It is not only the police that conducts an investigation. Police only deals with crime investigation. If an issue of misconduct has been came forward, it is the responsibility of the company to investigate further. A bank will conduct investigation, if there is something wrong with its financial structure. As a whole, everyone will need to be a part of some form of investigation atleast once in their lives. You can download high quality, printable investigation reports from the links given here. The target audience is quite large for this particular section.

Benefits of Investigation Report Templates

There are many benefits for using investigation templates. First of all, you will be able to carefully note all the important things on the report. This will help future investigations much easier. If the records of a preliminary investigation is good, it will be extremely beneficial for the investigating officers. There will be columns that will help to pin point the reason, by eliminating all the impossibles. You can also create a legally standing report of all aspects related with the incident. You can download these forms from here, without bothering about the quality. Investigation report templates are available in many formats.

All the given examples of investigation templates are beneficial for concerned parties. The initial findings of a crime scene or an accident are extremely important for the following investigation. Download a good template from here, according to your needs. The investigation report templates are available in different high quality formats.

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