41+ One Page Resume Templates

‘First impression is the last impression’ is the motto of a good resume. While creating a resume, an individual focuses on standing out from the crowd. We bring to you the best templates that will help you stand out and make a unique impression that catches the eye of every viewer. The formats we provide our documents in include PDF and PSD, and the most commonly used is the MS word document format. You can also see Resume Templates.

one page resume templates

One Page Resume

one page resume template
File Format
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Google Docs
  • InDesign
  • Publisher
  • Apple Pages

Size: (US) 8.5×11 inches + Bleed

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One Page Resume for Experienced

one page resume for experienced
File Format
  • Photoshop
  • InDesign

Size: (US) 8.5×11 inches + Bleed

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One Page Resume Templates

Are you looking for ideas to create a One Page Resume? Then, you can check out One Page Resume Templates online. The One Page Resumes are essential for applicants. It is because the hiring managers have to go through a lot of resumes of the applicants who have applied for a position. So, if you are an applicant applying for a job in a company, you can think of writing your resume shortly and concisely in one page. But you have to make sure it has got all the details you need that are relevant for the position you have applied for.

12 Creative Resumes Bundle


One page resumes work very well with recruiters who’re forced to read through many resumes in a day. A specific, tailored resume example would attract attention from a potential employer and awake their curiosity regarding the candidate, making them want to know more.

One Page Civil Engineer Resume


Content Writer One Page Resume


One Page Teacher Resume

teacherOne page teacher resume template is crafted specifically for teachers. It includes a sample cover letter, instant digital download and various formats like US letter, Doc, A4 size, etc.

One Page Web Designer Resume


One Page Resume/ CV Template in PSD and Word Formats

one page resume template


A Resume, as we all know, is the first step on our side that has quite a lot of power to decide whether we land on a job or our profile just goes on a pile of papers that the recruiters never want to consider again. Hence a really good resume is of utmost importance to achieve a greater goal.


There are various types of resumes and a lot can be said about each one of them. Some popular types of resumes that are preferred by experienced and inexperienced fresher groups are functional resume, chronological resume, and modern resume. Functional resumes are basically the traditional ones that include qualifications, skills, achievements, personal details, and other categories right before discussing the more preferred detail by the recruiters, which is work experience. The experiences and achievements are also ordered as the first one first and the most recent one at the end. This may sound like why somebody will ever prefer such kind of resume but in reality, this is very popular and often preferred by fresher groups as there is not much scope to include previous work details. Chronological resumes are a more modern discovery that puts the main focus on work details. In this format, generally personal details are included, followed by work experiences and other details like achievements, hobbies, and training in the end. The experiences are ordered as the most recent one first which makes it quite opposite to the traditional functional resumes. Chronological and functional resumes are hence clearly distinguishable and unlike functional resumes, Chronological resumes are mostly preferred by experienced working professionals. A Modern resume cannot be distinguished clearly from chronological and functional resumes and it is a mixture of both but it specifically focuses on short and precise content which is easy to read and understand. Highlighted contents, bullet points, and short summaries are the focus of this type of format and hence these separate it from the traditional resume which often has paragraph style content organization. This kind of resume is most popular in recent times among both fresher and experienced groups as it is easy to write as well as easy to read for the recruiters. This type works best with one-page bio-data format. You may also see MAC Resume Template

How to Write One?

Writing resumes from the scratch can be a very time-consuming and also a hectic task. To start with, you will need to collect all information regarding academics, achievements, work experiences, and training. This first step itself does more than 90 percent of the job as organizing them in the right way is not a very difficult task. There are lots of templates and online tools available which make organizing the details really easy and a quick process.

Professional One-Page Resume

professional one page resume
Download professional one-page resume template that comes with organized, layered PSD files, multiple color schemes, 300 dpi resolution and much more to help you design professional resumes in no time.

All in One Single Page Resume Pack

all in one single page resume pack
All in one single page resume pack is one of the best one page resume template which is crafted carefully to include CYMK color, layer organization, reference page, high resolution of 300dpi and much more. Download now to create your own one page CV format.

Clean One Page Resume

clean one page resume
Clean one page resume template comes with a modern look is really easy to customize with the minimal and simple options that lets you set the text color, style and size in your one page CV.

One page CSS Resume

one page css resume
One page CSS resume will let you showcase all your details and achievements in a catchy and engaging way with organized layers, CYMK color mode, build-in free fonts and much more to help you create your CV in one page.

Sleek One Page Resume

sleek one page resume
Sleek one page resume template comes at a very affordable price of $7 and will let you design a resume with various file formats, ready to use icons, print ready format etc. Download now!

Microsoft Word and Apple Pages Formats One Page Resume

microsoft word and apple pages formats one page resume
Microsoft Word and Apple pages formats one page resume comes with sample cover letter, text box design for easy customization, font and resume guides to help you with the usage of the template. Download now!

One Page Resume Template with Cover Letter

one page resume template with cover letter
One page resume template with cover letter comes at a very affordable price of only $7 and includes CYMK color scheme, 300 dpi resolution, Photoshop and PSD files, two layouts and footer styles for creating a catchy resume quickly.

The inDesign One Page Resume

the indesign one page resume
Download the inDesign one page resume with premium features like fully organized and layered files, demo content for easy and complete understanding of the usage, various color options and easy customizations.

Word Professional One Page Resume Template

word professional one page resume template
Word professional one page resume template comes icons set, sample content for easy and intuitive customizations, instant digital download and is suitable for teachers, professors, researchers and other related resumes.

Clean & Professional One Page Resume Template

clean professional one page resume
This particular creative resume sample is essentially a one-pager. If you like and believe in keeping things concise and precise, this resume template should match your requirements to the T. This sample is complemented with free fonts and moreover, the template and all of its elements are easily downloadable.

One Page CV Template

one cv template

Modern One Page Resume

modern one page resume

One Page Curriculum Vitae Template

one curriculum vitae template

One Page Resume CV

one page resume cv

Minimal One Page Resume Template Instant Download

minimal one page resume template instant download

One Page Resume PSD

one page resume psd

Profesional Resume Template for Word

profesional resume template for word

Minimalist One Page Resume

minimalist one page resume

One Page Resume PDF

one page resume pdf

One Page Resume writing Steps PDF Free Download

one page resume writing resume steps

Free One Page Resume Template Word Format

free one page resume template

Best One Page Resume Sample

best one page resume sample

Clean One Page Web Developer Resume Template

best one page resume sample

One Page Resume Example

one page resume examples

One Page Resume Template Best Example

one page resume best example

Best One Page Resume Template

best one page resume template

Best One Page Resume Template Format

best one page resume format

Free One Page Resume Templates

free one page resume templates

Amazing One Page Resume Template

amazing one page resume template

One Page CV Format Example

one page cv format example

One Page Resume For Free

one page resume for free

One Page Resume Template Layout

one page resume layout

One Page Resume Sample Template

one page resume samples

One Page Resume Template

one page resume template

One Page Resume Template Doc

one page resume template doc

One Page Resume Template Format

one page resume template format

OnePage Resume Template Free Download

one page resume template free download

Sample One Page Resume Template

sample one page resume

Some Useful Tricks While Writing Resumes

It is important to understand that there are too many job seekers compared to the number of recruiters. Thus it is quite obvious that while hiring someone, a lot of resumes have to be considered by the recruiters, which makes it quite a hectic task for them. If your resume is not engaging enough and includes too many details, then it will be rejected immediately. Generally, the recruiters look for achievements and academic performance in fresher resume whereas work experience is the main focus for experienced professionals’ resumes. So make sure to highlight the important details and divide the resume into various organized sections with bullet points and tables to make it easier to understand. One page resume formats are in the vogue and thus highlight the importance of keeping resumes short and simple. You may also see Basic Resume Templates.

Do’s and Don’ts While Making a Resume

There are various resume builders and templates available online which makes it difficult to choose an option. Be careful that while most of the resume builders are free, they often require you to register with your phone number and email ids after which your inbox can be loaded with lots of unnecessary emails. Whereas if you go for a simple one-page resume template that comes for free download or at a really affordable price, you need not face such issues. Make sure you go for one that is editable in doc format or other popular formats so that you can print a copy easily or ensure that when you mail it to recruiters, it will not go into the trash. If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us!

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