17+ Inventory Spreadsheet Templates

Why wait and brood over not getting your dream job? These templates are here to help. If you’re a developer or a web designer or both looking for the best jobs your field has to offer, you need o showcase what you got to offer first. You only have one chance to make it or break it with you cover letter and resume. Thousands of resumes are sent every day and your resume needs to stand tall among all.

developer and designer resume template

This template set is for a mid-level experienced web designer & developer and comes with a bundle of Resume Template, cover letter and portfolio. The resume opens up with your picture, name, profession and contact details at the top. It is followed by your personal information and small profile on yourself. The next segments are about your educational qualification and job experience in chronological order. Finally, you graduate to your technical skills in a cool circular scale-o-meter, your interests and references. The cover letter is customizable and the portfolio enables you to add about your previous projects with pictures along with text.


  • Size: A4 Paper
  • Easy Editable Layers
  • Formats Included: PS
  • Fonts Included
  • Print Ready,CMYK setting
  • Simple & Elegant Design

> How can you Make use of these Templates?

Say you’ve just come across a vacancy that you would love to fill-in and work for. You need a great resume and a cover letter that has got your back covered and can help you land the job. Qualifications are not the only principal reason for you to get hired, your resume and cover letter plays a great role.
These templates come with a pre-written content and format which when modified to look personalized can woo the HR instantly. These developer & designer templates have been designed keeping in mind what interviewers and HRs look for when they are hiring.

> Who can use these Resume and Cover Letter Templates?

Ideally if you’re a web developer and/or web designer you can use these templates with instant download. These resumes open up with picture, profession, and the contact details to be filled in by the applicant on the top.
This is what draws attention the most and can surely make a great impression. These resumes also have a small section for portfolio and some personal details which can express fully your ideas and views and how you can bring great input to the position you are applying for. You can easily download, modify and use these templates and land a job you desire.

> What are the Benefits of Using these Templates?

Mostly people who hire staff go through umpteen resume mails and letters every day, so unless your cover letter stand out your resume has a very low chance of getting a thorough look at. These templates are just meant to draw attention to your cover letter and make your resume seem more compelling and make your qualities and qualifications make you appear more competent than others for the job.
While they are very elegant to look at they have great demo content for you to build your personalized resume upon and showcase all your talents within a very few pages.

Why wait for someone to assist you make a wonderful attention grabbing resume when you have these templates at your bay. These are designed to make your qualities and details seem more relevant for the job you are applying for and come with complete guidelines to make a personalized resume and cover letter.

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