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One would think that non-profit organizations don’t have balance sheets. But contrary to popular belief, they have one and it’s called a non-profit sheet samples. It’s like a tracking sheet, where one can see an extensive picture of how an organization is doing financially, or what kind of financial situation they’re in. There are many simple nonprofit marketing plan templates in PDF available for you to edit, customizable and print anytime, anywhere readily.

How to Write Financial Statements of Not-for-Profit Sheet Template

You might think that since there isn’t much money involved, it’d probably be easier to create a financial statement for non-profit organizations. You might say that making some sheet templates in Excel is probably a piece of cake. But this isn’t always true because to write one:

  • You’d have to cite all of the incoming funds which, depending on the daily transactions, could be a challenging task.
  • You’d have to study and download some balance sheet templates and study them.
  • You’d have to write conclusions that explain how the organization spent the funds.

Non-Profit Balance Sheet

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 67 KB


The above template is a balance sheet of a non-profit organization. There are many pro-forma balance sheet templates available for you to check out online. Balance sheets help in knowing the assets, equity’s and liabilities of an organizatioin. You may also be interested in financial statements template.

Non-Profit Fact Sheet

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 303 KB


If the non-profit organization is a new one, they probably wouldn’t have much financial activity yet. If so, they’d most likely have a startup balance sheet. Check out the sample nonprofit agenda templates we have on our website. The non-profit sheet also depicts the organization’s liabilities and assets. That basically means what is owed, for example, mortgages and what is owned, like a fully paid car.

Sign-Up Sheet

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  • PDF

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A signup sheet is where people write their names and sign beside their names, give relevant contact information about them. Nonprofit organization plans will help you make a set of plans for your organization that will help in the growth of your organization. Mostly used for people participating in events and other activities, where they can be easily contacted in case any issue arises. Attendance sheet templates can be of great use by teachers and many other companies to see the attendance of their employees, etc.

Steps to Write a Balance Sheet for Non-Profit Template

Non-profit organizations have to write balance sheets. There are plenty of ways to write it, and the fastest one is to download printable sheet templates. When writing one, it’s important that you:

  • List down all of the activities that the organization did and how much they cost.
  • Include a background for the organization, stating when it was established, its mission and vision, then the deeds.
  • If there are any, you should also include the lists of homes under construction and are being withheld.
  • Familiarize yourself with term sheet templates.

Free Non-Profit Term Sheet

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 55 KB


A term sheet is a non-binding signed sheet that shows the terms and conditions of how an investment has been made by the parties concerned. You can also use the nonprofit organization templates to see what such an organization does exactly. There are many useful nonprofit templates online, just for you. Do check them out.

Non-Profit Price Sheet

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 127 KB


A price sheet is a type of list that consists of all the priceable products and services that are specific for a set of buyers. There are many printable budget worksheet templates available online for you to have a look at, in case you want to create a budget sheet for your nonprofit organization. You might also be interested in inventory sheet templates.

Top 10 Spreadsheet Secrets From a Nonprofit Data

Most of us have had a hard time using Microsoft Excel. Some would even end up throwing some tantrums, due to the frustration and anger. Our fear of inadequacy is probably one of the many reasons why we opt to use free sheet templates. But there is actually some good news that you’ll surely like. These 10 spreadsheet secrets will definitely blow you away:

  • Switch from one Excel file to another.
  • A single click is all it takes.
  • Delete blank cells quickly.
  • A new shortcut menu.
  • Open files in bulk.
  • Experience speedy navigation.
  • Double-click to rename.
  • Use auto-correct.
  • Hide data.
  • Input restriction.

These spreadsheet secrets have sequences that you can follow so you can use them. For example, you can open Excel files in bulk by highlighting them and pressing Enter. Another way is to press the small rectangular shape in between the number 1 and column A. Trial balance worksheet templates might also come in handy for you to create a balance sheet for your nonprofit organization.

These secrets will definitely lessen the time you consume in making a sheet and you’d feel like an Excel master. You wouldn’t have to rely on a tracking sheet template so much anymore. Your Excel skills will definitely improve and making Excel templates will become so much easier.

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