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The people you work with are not only your co-employees or even your friends, or your second family, but they are also your team. Just like any other teams, they are formed to compete with other teams and work hard to achieve a certain goal for a period of time. But every time an individual or a team wants to achieve something, challenges get in the way that may halt or completely end their pursuit of success. So what is a good technique to not avoid challenges and failure, but to face them? Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you a SMART goals worksheet samples.


S.M.A.R.T. is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevance and Timebound. It is not only used for the development of oneself, it is also for the development of a group. Whether it is for planning for an event, or recruiting a big client, having a SMART Goals worksheet can help a team in the workplace succeed their goal. In this article, you will understand what are SMART goals, how to create one, and the benefits that come with it.

Sample Smart Goal Worksheet Template

smart goal worksheet template
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SMART Goal Worksheet

smart goal worksheet


Smart Goal Setting Worksheet

smart goal setting worksheet


Smart Goal-Setting Worksheet Example



University Smart Goal Worksheet



How to Create Smart Goals

Creating your SMART goals might take some time because you have to identify the elements that you need to achieve and the factors that might slow the process down. But it is really easy to do if you really know what you want. After all, as the late American philosopher and writer Elbert Hubbard once said, “a little more persistence, a little more effort, and what seemed hopeless failure may turn to glorious success.” Making the worksheet for your SMART goals is easy because you only need a paper and decide whether or not to use a ballpen or type it on the computer if you’re not so confident about your handwriting will be understood by others. It is generally understood that in the first part of the paper, you would write the goal that you want to achieve. The next thing to do is to identify how to achieve the goal by using SMART goals. For example, in number 1, you have to identify specifically what part of the goal you want to achieve. If you’re still having a hard time visualizing how to make one, here are a few templates that can guide you:

Smart Goal Setting Template

smart goal setting template


Guide for a Smart Goal Worksheet



Know their Significance

But before you start creating your own SMART goals worksheet, get to know first the definition of every acronym and after that, understand it fully. It is when we understand things we get a better grasp of it because we would know more of its value. Then comes the next step, and that is for you to apply and do what you understand. So this is S.M.A.R.T.

  • S-pecific. In desiring to achieve something you want or with your team, you have to know what exactly that is you have to define to yourself the picture you want to bring to life. Just like a picture, let it be the focus. Make it specific. You also have to state the specific conditions or limitations that might hinder you in achieving and right after make a specific contingency plan to overcome it. You can ask yourself or your team this as a guide question: Is the goal clear and specific in what I am trying to achieve?
  • M-easurable. This is where you would identify if how long would it take for you obtain your goal or objective. If you can identify how long the goal might be achieved, it can let you decide whether or not to continue pursuing it, giving up, or if you’re really a goal-driven person, find more ways and alternatives to achieve it faster. This is where the “Plan B” concept can come in handy. You can ask yourself or your team this as a guide question: How will I know when I have achieved the goal? Along the way, what will be different? How often would I fail in the process?
  • A-chievable. It can also be referred to as attainable. This portion is where you would identify if the goal you’re trying to achieve is realistic. You have to weigh things out and that includes factors like the effort that it needs, the money, and the time. Achieving your goal can be out of your limits but still possible to do. If you’re working with your team, make sure every member agrees also if the goal is achievable. Remember, there is no “I” in team. You can ask yourself or your team this as a guide question: What factors can affect me/us in achieving the goal along the way? What can I do if ever I fail? What would be my Plan B if I fail on the first attempt?
  • R-elevant. Before anyone ever makes a plan to achieve something, he or his team has to ask if it is worth doing and why. Be specific in telling yourself or to your team why it matters so much. If you’re with a team, explain to them why it is relevant for the growth of oneself, to the group and to the company. This part is useful especially in times when you are planning to give up. Reading the relevancy of the goal again can give a boost and the motivation to continue the pursuit. Failure is never a stranger sadly, but I can tell you also that motivation isn’t either. You can ask yourself or your team this as a guide question: Why is achieving this goal so important to me/us? If I/we will succeed, how will it affect me in the end? If I achieve this, will it change me or make me grow and if it does, why?
  • T-imebound. This is the part of the acronym where you identify when it is supposed to be achieved. Set a deadline for yourself or for your team. This is also where you can prioritize what do first in the days to come to help you achieve your goal in time. You can ask yourself or your team this as a guide question: When will I/we reach the goal? Why should it be on this date that I should be able to achieve the goal?

Goal Tracker Worksheet

goal tracker worksheet


Writing Smart Goals

writing smart goals


Smart Goal Template Sample



Benefits of actually making an effort for your goals

Aside from achieving your goals, you will also get benefits when you use a SMART goal worksheet. It might not be as big and as marvelous as your main goal, but these little “victories” can still have a part in your success and can give you a much-needed push in future goals that you want to pursue and conquer. It is expected that if one achieves something, he/they thirst for more things to pursue and achieve. These are the following benefits of actually making an effort to achieve your goals and not giving up along the way:

  • Self-confidence boosts you up. In every goal we want to achieve, there will always be failures. It is one of the most constant things in the world. But if the individual or the whole team is determined to stand up to the failure and continue to try again to reach the goal, this gives them self-confidence. Self-confidence is gained because it will be a mindset that will be used if the next time one fails. He just has to remember that he has gone through failure before and just has to do it again.
  • You can monitor the progress. If one person or a team is really persistent in thinking that they can achieve the goal, they have to also be persistent in monitoring the progress. Monitoring the progress is a good sign because it shows that you really are serious in reaching the finish line. If one is monitoring, he can pinpoint moments where it needs adjusting or would need a contingency plan to continue the pursuit.
  • You can form the puzzle. Along the way, little achievements can be made as you’re still trying to achieve your goal. One must also acknowledge the fact that one is gaining progress along the way despite not yet reaching the main objective. Acknowledging little achievements can also boost self-confidence.
  • Patient. As you begin to take things one step at a time like a puzzle, it can make you patient and disciplined. You would learn along the way that having patience to achieve something is important because nothing worth having comes easy.

Persistence and Consistency

Just like any other relationship that has lasted long, persistency and consistency always have to be present. These two things need to be there because they come in handy when failures come. They help a team or an individual get over the drought and encourages them to try to walk again. If your team has the attitude to keep moving forward, you would need more SMART goal templates and worksheets to widen up the achievements you want to make next time. Remember, if Plan B fails, there is always a Plan C to Z.

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