11+ Free Download Scoreboard Templates in Microsoft Word Format

If you have participated in lots of games or sports, you’ll know what a scoreboard is. It is, essentially, a large board where the score is maintained during a particular game. While watching your favourite sport, you must have noticed the big black board where the scores are displayed? On a smaller scale, like in schools and other competitions, a board is usually created where the score is displayed and updated manually. You can also see Balance Score Card Template. Have you been placed in charge of organizing a game or a sports event? Then you must create a scoreboard first. A scoreboard will contain the names of the participating teams or individuals and the score attained by them in a particular game. However, creating a scoreboard is a tiresome job that takes up a lot of your time. In order to avoid that, you must look up some sample Scoreboard Templates online. These templates will save you both time and money!

Cricket Score Sheet Template

cricket-score-sheet-template Download

Free Download Basketball Scroresheet Template MS Word Format

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scoreboard template

MS Word Format School Scoreboard Template Free Download

ms word format school scoreboard template free download


Project Socreboard Template Free Download Word 2010 Format

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MS Word Soccer Scoresheet Template Free Download

ms word soccer scoresheet template free download


Golf Score Sheet Template Free MS Word Format Download

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Cricket Score Card MS Word Format Free Template

cricket score card ms word format free template


Debate Score Card Template Free Download MS Word

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Volley Score Sheet Template MS Word Free Dwonload

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Balanced Scorecard Template Free MS Word Download

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MS Word Format Softball Score Card Template Free Download

ms word format softball score card template


> Types of Scoreboards

There are different types of scoreboards depending upon the type of game being played. For example-

  • Quiz scoreboard– In quizzes, a scoreboard is maintained where the names of the teams are mentioned and the points scored by them in each round are recorded. Here, the total score is calculated after each round.
  • Sports scoreboard– Some of the most popular sports are baseball, hockey and basket ball, and each sport has a specific scoreboard. Each time one of the team scores a point, the scoreboard needs to be updated
  • Scoreboards in classrooms– Some teachers that awarding points can help motivate students. For every good thing that a student does, he or she is awarded scores or points. These scores are maintained on a scoreboard and the final score is tabulated at the end of the week.

> Why Use Scoreboard Templates?

Organizing games or sport events is a tedious job in itself. Why not make it a tad bit easier with the help of a downloadable scoreboard template? These templates are created based on the game for which they’ll be used. For example, there are distinct scoreboard Free Templates Word doc for basketball, soccer or quizzes. Depending upon the event, you can download a template of your choice. Once you do, you can edit the details and customize them every time the score needs to be updated. So what are you waiting for? Try out some scoreboard template word file now!

> How to Create Scoreboards?

Irrespective of whether you’re planning to download a scoreboard template on MS Word, or you’re planning to do it yourself, these are some tips that you must keep in mind-

  • Mistakes must be avoided at all costs. A miscalculation on your part may literally change the course of the game. The victory of a particular team depends entirely on the scores. Similarly, you cannot make mistakes in the names of the teams either.
  • Keep the scoreboard neat and clutter free. If you make it clumsy, a person sitting far away might not be able to see the score.
  • Precision is key while creating a scoreboard; you need to make sure that the scores recorded on the scoreboard are accurate and error free.

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