11+ Keynote Timeline Templates – PSD, PDF

Keynote is more or less similar to Microsoft PowerPoint. It is a MAC powered tool, which lets computer uses create high quality presentations for business and personal use. But with many business keynote template already available for download, it becomes totally unnecessary to create a free sample on your own.

keynote timeline templates

Download Origa Keynote Timeline Presentation Template

download origa keynote timeline presentation template
In order to show the origin of a story or subject, using only a mere line with six dots explaining the progress of that story or subject, the origa keynote timeline template is the program that can show the short and pertinent details of a subject from the beginning up to the present.

Homelands Keynote Timeline Template Presentation Download

homelands keynote timeline template presentation download
Homelands keynote timeline template has nine dots representing each highlight of an event , with figures and colored background signifying each dates up to the present showing the information in that particular event. It is helpful for teachers explaining a subject progress up to the future, so this is the timeline that is in development as time goes by.

Sapphire Keynote Timeline Template Presentation – $12

sapphire keynote timeline template presentation
You are getting a versatile, clear, multipurpose & scalable keynote timeline template here. There are as many as 45 slides to choose from which come up with chart graphics, chart elements & icons.

Azure Mobile App Presentation Timeline Keynote Template

azure mobile app presentation timeline keynote template
Looking for more creative way of showing a history of a subject, then azure mobile app presentation timeline theme is the thing you need where every point in the line signifies a special event and information in that even is shown above the line like a ladder along with images so it can clearly show what it means.

Download Timeline Keynote Template Month Example

download timeline keynote template month example
You are getting a very simple and basic timeline keynote template here. It covers a timeline of 12 months- the timeline bar is placed at the center of the page and the tasks are mentioned above and below the timeline.

Download Corporate Keynote Presentation Timeline Template

download corporate keynote presentation timeline template
For companies or corporation showing the process or progress of their production or status, they can have the corporate keynote presentation timeline is the tool showing special events by year from the start up to the present. You can incorporate images per bar of time and fully described the development of a subject up to where it is now.

Keynote Timeline Presentation KEY File – $12

keynote timeline presentation key file –
This keynote timeline presentation comes up in HD resolution for premium display and includes as many as 18 master pages. You will also find 9 icons to choose from here.

Timeline Maker Keynote Template Sample

timeline maker keynote template sample
This timeline maker keynote template covers a span of 5 years. It could be used for your coming 5 year plan for your business, be it in marketing or production.

iMovie Keynote Timeline Template PDF Download

imovie keynote timeline template pdf download

Like a slideshow, iMovie keynote timeline template can present the improvement of that subject using a movie, images or animation where links are embedded in each slide showing how a subject became what it is now. It is better used by teachers where they can illustrate what happened from the beginning of an event up to the present.

Sample 3D Timeline Horizontal Keynote Template

sample 3d timeline horizontal keynote template
Looking for real life 3D images with years per figure along with the information of the progress of a subject then the sample 3D timeline horizontal keynote template will surely explain what happened per year. Students or presenters of a timeline report can use this simple yet effective application to show history in using three dimensional figures.

You can simply browse through the example templates available online, and then download them in a suitable format download with just a single click. You can use the template to do to just about anything. Good examples include creating a marketing timeline, a project timeline, a budgeting timeline and a construction keynote templates to mention but just a few.