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Table of Contents

  1. 6 Steps to Drafting an Office Timeline Successfully
  2. 7+ Office Timeline Templates
  3. 1. Office Relocation Timeline Template
  4. 2. Family Office Timeline Template
  5. 3. Sample Office Timeline Example
  6. 4. Business Office Timeline in PDF
  7. 5. Basic Office Timeline Template
  8. 6. School Office Reporting Timeline
  9. 7. Office Research Timeline Template
  10. 8. Office of Financial Aid Timeline

7+ Office Timeline Templates

An office never has only one task to perform- it runs on the coordination of many departments that work in accordance with each other in an organized fashion for the overall success of the organization. Every office has a timeline-or to be more specific every symbiotically working body has a timeline according to which it carries out its activities. Running on timelines helps them be more organized, punctual and keep track of their progress.

6 Steps to Drafting an Office Timeline Successfully

Office timelines are of several types depending on the task that they are going to undertake. However, the format is somewhat the same. the basic knowledge of organizing the tasks according to time and magnitude should be in the mind before making an office timeline. the steps to drafting an office timeline are:

Step 1: Knowledge of the Entire Duty

Say the duty is office relocation- you must have a wholesome approach to it. know all the details of the new location, what are the activities to be undertaken in order to successfully relocate, etc. Partial knowledge will lead to missing out of duties and might cause confusion later.

Step 2: Keep In Mind the Format

All office projects are not the same. Like the content of the timeline, the format should also be modified according to the kind of work. While bullet formats can be used for usual projects, the grid format can be used for data recording accuracy in financial projects.

Step 3: Take the Opinion of Others

Since the office runs on the coordination of many departments, office timelines should also be made with the opinion of the concerned authorities, their conveniences, and inconveniences, etc.

Step 4: Time Should be Allotted Wisely

Do not make timelines too rigid for other officials are also involved in it. Keep in mind the office hours, times for recesses, etc. to increase employee contribution.

Step 5: Take Authorization and Opinion of Higher Authorities

Owing to greater expertise, higher officials know the flaws that are often made in timelines and can give suggestions for amendment. Take those for the successful execution of the timeline.

Step 6: Make Provisions for Modifications After Feedbacks

Feedbacks are essential for timelines. You need to check if the execution is in accordance with the plan of action or not. Therefore, keep provision for changes in the due course of the execution.

7+ Office Timeline Templates

1. Office Relocation Timeline Template

office relocation
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  • PDF

Size: 167.9 KB

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This is a sample of an office relocation timeline chart template in PDF. Note how every activity is subdivided. It begins with planning, budget, space management, employee communication, etc. Every activity is then sub-divided into further smaller activities. Each department is then given responsibilities accordingly. Even duties like chair moving are listed in the timeline. This Project Timeline helps to frame every little duty according to a routine. If followed wisely all the duties would be done in time and without any hassle.

2. Family Office Timeline Template

family office timeline
File Format
  • PDF

Size: 498.1 KB

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This timeline chart template in PPT uses a grid format to divide the activities of a project. The timeline is framed first and is on a weekly basis. The meeting agenda and the actions to be taken are then listed. It is a step-wise approach to the project. Grid format helps make this simple timeline templates easy to understand and remember. take hints from this format and use it for your own office.

3. Sample Office Timeline Example

sample office timeline
File Format
  • PDF

Size: 101.2 KB

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This is a student group services template that talks about the various duties that the students ought to perform once they reach the venue of the specified event. This timeline chart template is thematized accordingly. If you have an office event coming up in your institution you can take ideas from this project timeline example and make your own timeline to make the participating students interested and get them informed.

4. Business Office Timeline in PDF

business office
File Format
  • PDF

Size: 63.9 KB

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This is a business timeline template in Word that you can download and study. The activities of the annual year are charted in different colors. The personnel and financial duties are categorized in different colors and above and below the line for professional reasons. Take an idea on how to make business timeline charts from this timeline sample template.

5. Basic Office Timeline Template

basic office timeline
File Format
  • PDF

Size: 163.7 KB

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This is a very basic timeline template in Pages. The task and activities are divided not only on a date-wise basis but also on a duration basis. Special provisions are made in the sample template for extra notes that might be needed. Keep provisions for some special notes in your timeline too for additional notes to office employees taking a hint from this superbly crafted and yet so simple office timeline template.

6. School Office Reporting Timeline

school office reporting
File Format
  • PDF

Size: 56.1 KB

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This is essentially a school office work sample timeline chart. The categories whether administrative or executive are mentioned in the first row of the grid. That is followed by the duty name, the reporting officer’s name, the date, etc. This is an in-house office timeline for school authorities to follow. The grid format is the most effective in these cases. Follow the template to make your school’s project timeline easily and effectively.

7. Office Research Timeline Template

office research timeline
File Format
  • PDF

Size: 273.4 KB

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This is a sample template from a certain organization that gives grants to students. The verification project of such institutes go through a certain process and this timeline template example talks about the timeline they follow in doing so. You can learn about the processes of scrutiny from this template before submitting your research.

8. Office of Financial Aid Timeline

simple office timeline
File Format
  • PDF

Size: 710.8 KB

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This sample project timeline template sample is about financial aid giving. Financial aid is a big thing especially in the corporate world for it involves a lot of money. This flowchart format is effective to make the award understand what are the processes the company is going to follow before giving them the aid. This is essentially a service-client oriented project. Learn the processes of financial aiding from this template now!

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