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Timelines are among the most expressive formats of disseminating information about lengthy projects. However, timelines are also among the most difficult outputs to create using any office tool on your PC. If you need to represent important information in a timeline format, it is imperative that you pick an appropriate timeline chart template that helps you showcase the chronologically arranged information, in the manner you want. The timeline is a scientific method of presenting a collection of events in sequential order. This graphical representation of timeline gives a visual treat and thrill to the audience. For instance a business plan must project business growth for the upcoming years to its customers in order to give confidence. Timeline templates can be used for quick and easy creation of timelines. Free timeline template collections are available for download and they can be utilized for presenting outstanding timelines.

Vertical Timeline Template

vertical timeline template
File Format
  • Microsoft Word

Free Download

Medical Timeline Template

medical timeline template
File Format
  • Microsoft Word

Free Download

Marketing Timeline Template

marketing timeline template
File Format
  • Microsoft Word

Free Download

Project Timeline Template

project timeline template
File Format
  • Microsoft Word

Free Download

Business Timeline Template

business timeline template
File Format
  • Microsoft Word

Free Download

Event Timeline Template

event timeline template
File Format
  • Microsoft Word

Free Download

Research Timeline Template

research timeline template
File Format
  • Microsoft Word

Free Download

Production Timeline Template

production timeline template
File Format
  • Microsoft Word


Project Timeline Template

The project timeline is an essential chart that allows you to track the deadline and status of the project. If you are too busy to create such a timeline from scratch, count on the free download project timeline template available online- where you will get a readymade blueprint for project timeline that can be modified with your data.

Project Timeline Template Free Download

project timeline template free download

Project Timeline Template Sample Download

project timeline template sample download

Wedding Timeline Template

Planning a wedding is a huge affair and it’s easy to lose track on many important aspects if you don’t maintain a proper timeline. If you are too busy to create a whole timeline from scratch, the free download wedding timeline template online would be handy. Here you will get readymade and easily modifiable wedding timeline structures.

Free Wedding Timeline Template Download

free wedding timeline template download

Sample Wedding Day Schedule Timeline Template

sample wedding day schedule timeline template

History Timeline Template

The school students are often needed to come up with history timelines to track the historical events of a country or world in a chronological manner. If you need help with drafting these timelines, the sample history timeline template online would be helpful with their pre-structured, customizable blueprints. These are great time savers.

Sample History Timeline Template Excel

sample history timeline template excel

History Timeline Template Free PDF Format

history timeline template free pdf format

Timeline Chart Template

Do you have to create timeline chart for your project and you are not exactly easy with these graphical designs? Well, nothing to worry as the online world offers free download timeline chart template today where you will get readymade charts that could be easily modified with your timeline data.

Gantt Chart Timeline Template in Excel

gantt chart timeline template in excel

Create a Project Milestone Chart Timeline Template

create a project milestone chart timeline template

Timeline Charts Google Doc / Drive – Free Download

PowerPoint Timeline Template

When you have to present your project timeline to your company Board of Directors, it’s best to present it in the PowerPoint format. To ease your work here, you have the powerpoint timeline template sample over the internet that offers a pre-structured timeline presentation- which you would simply have to download and customize.

Free Microsoft Powerpoint Timeline Template Download

free microsoft powerpoint timeline template download

Marketing Timeline Template Free Powerpoint Format

marketing timeline template free powerpoint format

Free Download PPT Timeline Template Here

> Types of Timeline

Timelines can be broadly classified into the following:

  • Text timelines, where each label is a text. Typical example is arranging in sequential order of all the events in a school that takes place for an academic year.
  • Number timelines, where the labels are represented in numbers. For instance, displaying the day temperature for the entire summer season, it can be also represented in a line graph and for more comprehensive approach the day temperature can be compared to previous year summer season.
  • Interactive timelines, where the labels are editable. To illustrate, the business prospects of a business are studied by interactively changing the label data and the projections can be visualized. This will help the entrepreneurs to take appropriate decisions.
  • Timelines for indicating milestones of a project. Milestones are crucial for a project and creating timeline for them is equally important. The office timeline templates which are available for download are generally used for this purpose.

Word Timeline Template

Timelines are important for both school students and professionals working on projects. If you need some idea on the format of timelines, you can opt for the Word timeline template example over the web that arrives with a readymade and easily customizable timeline structure. You will get these templates free of cost.

Download Word Format Timeline Template

download word format timeline template

Event Timeline Template

If you are an event planner, you need to maintain an event timeline to keep proper track on all your event projects. To ease your burden, the online world offers free download event timeline template that come up with a readymade customizable event timeline blueprint which saves you from creating[ everything from scratch.

Download Event Checklist and Timeline Template Sample

download event checklist and timeline template sample

Event Timeline Template Free Download

event timeline template free download

Event Planning Timeline & Check-list PDF Download

Excel Timeline Template

When you have to create a timeline for your office project, it’s always wiser to create it in Excel given the rows and columns. The virtual world offers Excel Timeline Template sample where you will have a readymade Excel timeline structure that you can customize easily with your specific project timeline data.

Free Biography Excel Timeline Template

free biography excel timeline template

Marketing Excel Timeline Template

marketing excel timeline template

How to Make Remarkable Timeline in Excel Sheet – Tutorial

Step by step instructions to make your own Project Timeline in Excel 2010

Keynote Timeline Template

Do you have to design a keynote timeline to show your clients your status of work over a  period of years, say 2 or 3 years? Well, to save your burden here, you can go for the free download keynote timeline template available online which offer a readymade and easily modifiable framework for your keynote timeline

Horizontal Keynote Timeline Template

horizontal keynote timeline template

Keynote Timeline Template Maker

keynote timeline template maker

Construction Timeline Template

A construction timeline is needed to track the deadline and status of your construction project. If you are too packed-up to create the construction timeline from scratch, you can go for construction timeline template sample online where you will get an easily customizable pre-structured construction timeline. These templates are available free of cost.

Construction Timeline Template Excel Format

construction timeline template excel format

Construction Project Timeline Template

construction project timeline template

Construction Timeline Page Template Download Here

Marketing Timeline Template

The marketing timeline is crucial for every marketing plan that helps to track the status and deadline of the plan. If you need ideas on creating such timelines, it’s smarter to go for the marketing timeline template sample available over the internet. These templates are readymade timeline structures which can be customized conveniently with your marketing timeline details.

Sample Marketing Timeline Template Free

sample marketing timeline template free

Marketing Timeline Calendar Template

marketing timeline calendar template

Free Sample Marketing Timeline Template in PDF Format

Timeline Template For Kids

Kids are needed to prepare timelines for their history and social science classes. To ease their burden of homework, you will have free download timeline template for kids over the web which offers a readymade structure for the timelines that could be modified easily with the needed academic data. Thus, they won’t need to create everything from scratch.

Blank History Timeline Templates for Kids

blank history timeline templates for kids

Printable Blank Timeline Templates for Kids

printable blank timeline templates for kids

Varieties of Timelines

Some of the varieties of timelines are:

Chronology Timeline

Chronology is the science of positioning events in their order of happening in time. This timeline is used predominantly to represent the events that happened in historical periods. This will help the students to study the events in an easy way.

Living Graph Timeline

A living graph also known as a “living timeline” is a graph which looks similar to chronology timeline, arranges events along the vertical axis. For example, the population of a country over the period can be represented by plotting the years in the horizontal axis and the population in the vertical axis and a line can be drawn to connect the points.

Logarithmic Timeline

A logarithmic timeline is a timeline laid out in conjunction with a logarithmic scale. A logarithmic scale facilitates all the events to be presented accurately, but allows more events to be closely integrated.

Synchronoptic Timeline

A synchronoptic timeline is a graphic exhibition of the entities. One of the popular of this timeline is visual display of connecting events and contemporary lives.

Blank Timeline Template

Do you have to create a timeline for your office presentation? It could be about your project or marketing plan- well, whatever be the content of your timeline, you can seek help from free download blank timeline template here. These templates arrive with readymade timeline blueprints that save you from creating the entire timeline from scratch.

Make a Blank Timeline Template

make a blank timeline template

Timeline Generator

Do you have to create a timeline for your events or projects and you have no time to draft the timelines from scratch? Well, in such a situation, it’s always wiser to go for free timeline generator online that offers a readymade pre-structured timeline that you can modify with your event dates and descriptions.

Timeline Maker Online

timeline maker online

Event Timeline Generator Web Tool

event timeline generator web tool

Create your own Timeline in Online https://www.template.net/business/timeline-templates/Free Online Timeline Templates Create

Timeline Examples

Are you about to create a project timeline for the first time and you are looking for hints on the exact timeline format? Well, you can take to the online world as here you will get scores of free download timeline examples that arrive with readymade structures so that you don’t have to draft a timeline from start. These can be modified easily.

Download the Project Timeline Example

download the project timeline example

Company Timeline Example Free Download

company timeline example free download

Sample Timeline Template

The online world offers a versatile range of free Sample Timeline Template options that save you from creating a timeline right from scratch given their readymade timeline blueprints. You will get sample timelines for projects, events, construction, marketing plan, business plan and even for school projects. Such sample templates are easily customizable.

Production Timeline Template Sample

production timeline template sample

Sample Timeline Template For Powerpoint

sample timeline template for powerpoint

Timeline Format

Are you being directed to create a project timeline for your next project and you need ideas on the format? Well, you can take to the virtual scene here as the internet offers a wide range of free Timeline Format samples to pick from. You will get a readymade format here which you would have to download and customize according to your project details.

Timeline Template Excel Format

timeline template excel format

Timeline Template Word Format

timeline template word format

Timeline Template For Mac

Do you create a template on your Mac system? It could be for your child’s history project or your next office project. To save your stress, you can always take to the free download timeline template for Mac that are especially meant to work on Mac systems. You will get a readymade mac timeline structure here which could be modified with your specific details.

Timeline Template for MAC PDF

timeline template for mac pdf

Timeline on Your Mac Creator

timeline on your mac creator

Facebook Timeline Template

Facebook now allows its members to personalize the Timeline covers with innovative graphics rather than just the profile photo. If you are looking to follow the same creative route and don’t know where to start from, take to the facebook timeline template sample online. These templates offer a readymade timeline format that you can customize easily.

Facebook User Timeline Template

facebook user timeline template

Facebook Timeline template free PSD

facebook timeline template free psd

Timeline Template For Students

School students are often needed to prepare timelines for their social science projects. If your child needs help with such timelines, you can download free timeline template for students available over the internet. These templates carry a readymade timeline structure so that one does not need to create anything from scratch.

Free Timeline Template For Student

free timeline template for student

Printable Timeline Template for Student

printable timeline template for student

Business Timeline Template

If you have to present your business plan to your clients or employees, you must come up with a business timeline. To help you here, you have the business timeline template sample online where you will get a pre-structured business timeline framework that saves you from the burden of drafting the entire thing from start.

Business Strategy Timeline Template

business strategy timeline template

Business Planning Timeline Template

business planning timeline template

1 Year Business Timeline Template Click Here

Timeline Website Template

If you have to create timeline on your website to show your company’s achievements in chronological manner, you can take to timeline website template example available online. These templates offer a readymade framework for website timeline and you will simply have to download and modify them. The online world offers these templates free of cost.

Timeline Website Template for Homepage

timeline website template for homepage

Timeline Template Website PHP Design

timeline template website php design

Calendar Timeline Template

A calendar timeline is much needed to keep proper track on your upcoming events and activities. If you don’t know how to create such a timeline, the online world extends a wide variety of free download calendar timeline template samples to choose from. Here you will get readymade calendar timelines that could be modified easily.

4 Week Calendar Timeline Template

4 week calendar timeline template

Free Calendar Timeline Template Download

free calendar timeline template download

In order to create accurate and visually brilliant wedding event timeline template, you need the best timeline templates Excel that let you present textual and picture based content in a flexible horizontal structure. Your search for the top rated timeline templates for word can end with some of the templates shared in the list below. These templates can be seamlessly integrated in the routine office tools you use on your PC, and let you add pictorial content along with text. Moreover, you can also use these timeline templates powerpoint for representing sales data over a period of time.

Uses of Timeline

Timelines are frequently used in education to assist students and researchers to understand the order or chronology of historical proceedings and trends for a subject. Timelines are also useful for biographies like timeline of world war.

Methods of Creating a Timeline

There are various methods to create a timeline. Editable timeline template and Printable Timeline are also available online for quick preparation. Timeline templates for professionals which look similar to Grant chart where Project timeline milestones can also be created are available for download Timeline template free download are available and can be utilized for various purposes. HTML timeline template can be used for better design and attractive presentations. Horizontal timeline template allows creating a horizontal, page-width timeline. Timeline generator free online tools are available to make use of them.

Creating Timeline in Excel or Word

  • Open excel sheet and select “Insert” tab, click on “SmartArt”. In the “Choose a SmartArt Graphic” gallery, click “Process”, and then double-click any desired timeline layout like “Basic Timeline”. Click [Text] in the Text pane, and then type your content for each text.
  • The convenient technique to create a timeline in Excel is to use a customizable timeline template. A Microsoft Excel template which is downloadable is of great value for inexperienced in making a project timeline. The entire event details and dates are entered into a table and the Excel timeline will automatically show the changes.

Creating Timeline in Powerpoint Using SmartArt Diagram

To incorporate a timeline in PowerPoint Presentation, use this Timelines SmartArt Diagram Template for PowerPoint Online. This template has a ready to use timeline using a SmartArt arrow shape to express an ongoing event or process. The arrows SmartArt shape consists of dots along it to identify specific events through time. This Timeline SmartArt Diagram template has standard and universal design features and can be used for stunning presentations.

Purpose of Timeline

One of the most significant purposes of the timeline is planning. By creating timeline for an occasion, the planning for it is done automatically. Next comes, listing of all the items of an event. By listing the events and revising the list, all the executable items are covered and there will be least chance of missing any item. Further, the timeline helps to know the timing of each event individually and it can be easily viewed.

Benefits of Timeline

  • Timelines can be created for various activities; some of them are marketing plan, sales plan, project plan and event plan which are eventually the roadmap for successful completion of the process.
  • By creating a timeline, due dates of activities are clearly visible and hence action plans for them can also be planned accordingly.
  • Helps to assign personnel for eachhttps://www.template.net/business/timeline-templates/ task so that the event becomes successful.
  • Procuring materials and recruiting staff for events are made easy by this timeline.

Tips for Creating Timeline

  • Deciding on what should show on the timeline is foremost job. For a huge event like a public meeting or exhibition, extra care to be taken to know the items.
  • Identify sequence of each item of the event. This sequencing is very essential otherwise the event will become messy.
  • Review the timeline once or twice to see that everything is in order and any missed items or changes can be incorporated accordingly.
  • Decide upon how to represent the timeline. It should be easily understandable and pleasant to watch.

The above presentation on timeline and timeline templates will help for better understanding and for its application in various situations. There are many free timeline templates available and can be utilized according to the need.

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