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Timeline Templates

Developing and marketing a new product is a process, and how long it takes will depend on the nature of the product, the development lifecycle, your budget, and the expected due date. Planning for all these elements off the top of your head is not possible, deciding how much should go into a project without creating a timeline for the production process is going to be an absolute waste of time. Even if you and your team have developed the best design strategies to develop the upcoming product within an exactly expected timeframe, you cannot be so sure that the plan will work without a timeline. As such, the team needs a relevant tool for the production process. A timeline template is a perfect tool, the exact document used by small and large enterprises to plan, review, revise, and execute a product’s life cycle Read More

What is a timeline template?

A timeline template is a predefined business model developed to help business owners create and product design and development teams create a comprehensive plan for an upcoming project. Because the model’s layout is already designed on your behalf, you don’t have to create a fresh one on your computer; this saves you time, and, of course, money. Pre-made timeline templates are 100% editable, easy to customize, and you can personalize them before using. Do not confuse a timeline template with a product design model. While they are both a requirement in the product development lifecycle, they don’t have the same function. A product design document outlines all the steps necessary for the design or manufacturing of the proposed project. The timeline template breaks these steps into manageable bits, assigns time to each bit, and then you can develop, test and implement each fragment according to scheduled time.

The purpose of a timeline template

Provides a framework for project management

There are two problems linked to managing a project without a timeline. First, the product design team has no idea how much time the project should take, and as such, it is highly unlikely that they will take the project seriously. Of course, a project without a period means undefined deadlines, and undefined timeframe equally means that the project is either not necessary at all or its least significant. Secondly, it’s difficult to determine how much funds is enough to finance the project. A timeline template eliminates the two problems because it enables you to see the scope of the whole project, making the development process easier, and easy to complete within time and budget constraints.

Timeline Templates Segment Your Projects

A project, whether small or big, has a series of steps that a product manager or team must follow one step at a time. Some steps are complicated, while others are simple. Assuming that you can manage these steps collectively is dangerous because complex processes require more time than simple ones. As such, it is necessary to divide the operations into smaller segments, assign sufficient time to each group of tasks, and then work on the scheduled time to complete each process. By using a timeline template, you will be able to divide your project into bits, assign enough time to each segment, and then manage your project with ease.

A Timeline can help you edit your project further

Changes are imminent, no project plan is 100% accurate, and it’s easy to miss important details along the way. A project plan may also have unnecessary elements at the time of writing, and these may go unnoticed. A timeline template is a full proof framework that will help you single out errors that you could not see in the plan, giving the entire project the exact possible flow that it should have. If you missed important elements in your project plan, you could add the features in the timeline template.

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