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Table of Contents

  1. 3+ Life Timeline Templates
  2. 1. Personal Life Timeline Template
  3. 2. Free My Life Timeline Template
  4. 3. Free Blank Life Timeline Template
  5. 7 Steps to Create a Life Timeline
  6. 4. Earth Life Timeline Template

3+ Life Timeline Templates

There comes a point in everyone’s life when you need to look back at all your experiences and influences which have helped in shaping your life. By creating a life timeline, you can record all the events in your life, be it negative or positive and see the progress of your personal development. you can also understand the course path in attaining your future goals and objectives. It depends entirely on you what you want to include in your timeline, however, you can take the help of chart timeline templates to guide you through your life timeline.

3+ Life Timeline Templates

1. Personal Life Timeline Template

personal life timeline template
File Format
  • MS Word

Size: A4 & US

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You need to set your priorities straight by understanding your life goals and achievements. Aim for success with the help of this Personal Life Timeline Template, that is now available to be downloaded in MS Word format. Browse and make use of personal timeline templates from our website which are easily customizable and printable too! Keep a tab on your life events with this template and start planning your life.

2. Free My Life Timeline Template

free my life timeline template
File Format
  • Word
  • Pages

Size: A4 & US

Free Download

Are you in need of something simple and yet transforming life timeline template that you could use for creating your own timeline? Just have a look at this My Life Timeline Template that is available to you in MS Word and also in Apple Pages. The best part about this template is its professional layout and organized format that lets you add and edit the information in your way!

3. Free Blank Life Timeline Template

free blank life timeline template
File Format
  • Word
  • Pages

Size: A4 & US

Free Download

The more you procrastinate, the more you’re going to fall behind on the ladder of your life. It’s time to organize your life better. Grab this editable Blank Life Timeline Template, downloadable from our website in various file formats so you can use it according to your convenience. make better life decisions with more such timeline charts, now available here!

7 Steps to Create a Life Timeline

Step 1: Starting Point

This is a crucial step to begin your timeline. You need to be precise in which event you want to select as your starting point. It’s not necessary that you need to start with your birth but you can also start with your parents or ancestors, whichever seems convenient enough to begin your story. This will mean you will have to mention how their lives came down to yours. You may also start with a later event in your life that marks an important beginning in your life.

Step 2: Break Into Segments

It can be truly tedious to try and remember every single incident in your life. Instead, you can break your timeline into different pieces, each to identify the major experiences in your life. You can also choose to include the major changes or moves in your life that led to a specific event. You can mention the before and after of a relationship in your life that played a huge role in influencing your decisions.

Step 3: Identify Important Events

For every segment, mention the major events that influenced your life. You can’t include each and every moment of your life with the same detail. So list down three to five major experiences for the particular segment. Try to consider both the positive and negative aspects of all the events that helped you in transforming your major decisions like when you met someone special.

Step 4: Select Timeframe

Depending on which event you’re working on, make sure to mention the time duration of each event, Even if you don’t remember the exact date, try to put an approximate duration limit that helps understand your events better. The aim is to draw a picture of the event when you look at the timeline. You can easily do this when you mention the proper details and time frame of the events.

Step 5: Add Images

To add visual interest in your timeline, you can use images and pictures to go along with the events that you add. You can add pictures that you might have clicked while the event was happening. You can also download relevant pictures from the internet and paste them alongside the event descriptions. Being creative is also a great idea. You can draw pictures to state your emotions.

Step 6: Reflect Personally

As you note your experiences, it’s time for you to add more details. Information on how the events made you feel or how certain decisions transformed your goal. Reflect on those experiences comparing with your present situation. Since personal life chart takes needs careful reflection and you might want to add more details and information, it’s important that you sit with your life timeline and contemplate on them.

Step 7: Plan Future Goals

A timeline is very efficient to help you understand how your past shaped your present. You might want to check events where you might have acted differently or chose to take any other decisions. Use your timeline to consider and reach your desired goals in the future and realize your life’s wishes.

4. Earth Life Timeline Template

life on earth
File Format
  • PDF

Size: 44.0 KB

Download Now

If you are looking for the perfect timeline chart for your project work, then we have just the thing for you! Take the help of this personalized Earth life timeline template in PDF, professionally created for your project work. Sit back and relax as we have got you all covered with our timeline templates for students so you can browse and choose whichever timeline that you require!

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