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5+ Restaurant Timeline Templates

Social media marketing is considered to be one of the most popular forms of marketing. Gone are the days when distributing handbills would bring hundreds of customers to your newly opened restaurant. That is why you need to have a Restaurant timeline that is mouth-watering. Today people are hooked on to these social media which has become their primary source of information. So it is from here that you should be captivating your customers.

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5 Steps to Create a Restaurant Timeline That Creates Hype

Step 1: Figure Out Your Flagship Products

Your restaurant might be offering many food items. But there needs to be a select range of products that you come to be known for. It can be a unique dish that you created or something that you are good at. Maybe it is just a popular dish that you gave a little twist to. Whatever that is, figure that out. If you don’t have one yet, make one.

Step 2: Food Photography

After you have decided what those select products are going to be, it is time to photograph them. Sure you can use your smartphone camera. Those have become very powerful over the years. Or you could get a little professional and get a DSLR or just hire a food photographer. If you are planning to stick to the first option. Make sure that you have good lighting. Lighting can make or break a good shot.

Step 3: Details of Your Restaurant

Next, you need to figure out the important details of your restaurant that you will be putting in the image/design. It should be brief containing the phone number and address to your restaurant. If you have a website as well don’t forget to add the address. Also if you have gone that extra mile to register with the various food delivery apps, include that information too. Many people just prefer to get the food delivered instead of visiting the restaurant. It is not worth losing those customers.

Step 4: Create the Wireframe

Once you have decided the two most important things about the timeline you should start creating some wireframes. Use a notebook and a pencil. It does not have to be too detailed. It just needs to get the arrangements correct. Once you have prepared a few of these wireframes, run a poll to see which one people like the best.

Step 5: Digitize the Design

So, now that you are done with creating the wireframe and choosing the best one, it is time to digitize them in your favorite graphics designing program. Since we shall be dealing with a bunch of photos here, it is a good idea to use Photoshop or Illustrator. There are several YouTube tutorials that show you how to digitize a hand-drawn image.

5+ Restaurant Timeline Templates

1. Restaurant Timeline Templates

Opened a new restaurant and want to harness the power of social media? That is a great decision. Let us help you create a delicious timeline that creates hype among your potential customers. Use this restaurant marketing timeline template to add spice to your timeline.

2. Restaurant Facebook Timeline Template

Want to create the Facebook timeline that makes your customers just go dialing like crazy? Then you need this restaurant timeline template. We also have timelines in Word if you are looking for them. All of them are easy to edit and the instructions for doing so come along with the template. So download it now.

3. Creative Restaurant Timeline Templates

If you are too busy running your restaurant but want to keep your social media marketing game strong, leave that to us. We have created some amazing timelines in Google Docs that you just edit and use on your social media to boost your sales. Download this template and make any small change that you feel is necessary.

4. Restaurant Timeline Cover Template

If you want to be in the highly competitive food industry today, you need to master the art of digital marketing and one of the most powerful tools of doing that is social media. If you want people to click on your Facebook page the moment they see it on their phone or PC, you need to check out this restaurant timeline cover. We have also prepared some timelines in pages if you prefer that format.

5. Modern Restaurant Timeline Template

Want to know the secret of some of the most popular restaurants out there? It’ s the marketing timeline that they have created. If you want to create just as powerful and effective you have to download our templates in PPT. These professionally designed high-quality restaurant timeline templates will get your restaurant to stand among some of the most popular that are out there.

6. Design of Restaurant Timeline Template

Managing a restaurant and creating a timeline for it simultaneously might seem like too much work. But when we are here it need not be that way. Our templates have been created by the best minds in the business. So you can rest assured that your marketing game will be on par with the top restaurant out there. Download this timeline template in PDF to know more.

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